Electronic Dance Music Production

Electronic Dance Music Production workshop curated by Michele Di Lazzaro: the A to Z production of 3 tracks in the genre e.d.m., or “Electronic Dance Music,” understood in all its most varied and current nuances.

The student will be followed step by step by the teacher with explanations and advice on the creative use of the most popular virtual synths and plug-ins, with particular attention to the stylistic refinements, synthesis, arrangement and mix techniques to be used: originality will obviously play a key role, as well as the work done by each individual and presented, analyzed and reviewed from time to time during the next lesson.

Michele Di Lazzaro through the preliminary technical analysis of some of the most representative tracks of the genre of the last 15/20 years, we will study the evolution of the style, sounds and creative approach and what artistic and technical requirements the 3 tracks made must have, in order to be considered currently at the same level (or almost) as the best world producers, such as to be potentially publishable on the best genre labels.

For one of the three projects, the opportunity will be given to choose the specific genre that best represents the individual student to further stimulate their creative process.

For the student who has produced the best track, in terms of originality, creativity, innovation, technical refinement and devices used, collaboration with the teacher to produce a new original track is planned.

15 weekly meetings, starting Dec. 1, 2017: Fridays h 10am-12pm, Urban Street, 49/a.

Participation fee: € 240
Training credits for academic courses: 6 CFAs