Game of Chords

Game of Chords – Season three is the contest designed by Saint Louis to promote and introduce new songwriting talents.

After the great success of last year’s 2022 edition, the chance for young songwriters to perform live is finally back.

For this edition, the format is revamped, the bar is raised and the challenge is made tougher and more interesting. The singer-songwriters selected in the first stage will gain access to a second key step of the contest, that of training.

Selected candidates will be placed in ensemble music workshop classes, coordinated by Saint Louis teachers Serena Brancale, Fabio Balestrieri, Dario Giacovelli, Andrea Rosatelli, deepening notions of arranging, songwriting and production, and in other courses functional to their artistic and professional growth chaired by Fabrizio Galassi and Maria Grazia Fontana.

Following the training phase, which will start from October 2022, the Game of Chords 2022-23 edition will take place on several live nights from January to May 2023 at a famous Roman venue.

The collaboration with Webnotte is reconfirmed for this year as well. The broadcast hosted by Ernesto Assante will devote ample space to the Contest contestants.

Night after night, songwriters compete on stage with original songs, performing their repertoire in front of a large audience and a panel of “insiders,” established songwriters, composers, journalists and music critics, and record producers.