Gianluca Podio in concert from the Quirinale

Gianluca Podio in concert from the Quirinale on the occasion of Remembrance Day, Sunday, Feb. 13.

The Head and Coordinator of Saint Louis’ academic courses in Composition and Film Music will perform his original compositions and two Suites inspired by the songs of Sergio Endrigo and Gino Paoli, live from the Cappella Paolina of the Quirinal Palace.

Since 2005, the year following its establishment by a State Law, on Feb. 10 or the Sunday closest to that date, Radio3 Concerts at the Quirinale has dedicated a musical event to the Day of Remembrance, an anniversary intended to “preserve and renew the memory of the tragedy of the Italians and all the victims of the foibe, of the exodus from their lands of the Istrians, Fiumans and Dalmatians after World War II, and of the more complex affair of the eastern border.”

This year, Sunday, Feb. 13, the star of the concert will be pianist and composer Gianluca Podio. Working on Italian songwriting, in fact, Podio touched on the work of two songwriters differently connected to that event: Sergio Endrigo (1933-2005), born in Pola, who was forced to take refuge with his mother in 1947 first in Brindisi, then in Venice, and Gino Paoli (b. 1934), who moved at a very young age to Genoa from his native Monfalcone, but whose family was directly involved in both the Julian-Dalmatian exodus and the ethnic cleansing operations that also cost the lives of some of his relatives.

Gianluca Podio will alternate two Suites he created from songs by Endrigo and Paoli with original pieces, Preludi and Interludi, which are part of one of his most recent concert and recording engagements.

The appointment is for Sunday, February 13, at 11:50 a.m. live, at the Pauline Chapel of the Quirinal Palace, and live on Rai-Radio3.

Gianluca Podio in concert from the Quirinale the concert can then be streamed again from the RaiPlay Sound platform also by connecting through the Quirinale Palace website, from which access to the reservation system for the hall is also possible.

Gianluca podio