Giorgia Mileto Award, the winners 2023/24

Giorgia Mileto Award, here are the winners of scholarships to attend Saint Louis’ I and II level academic courses for a.y.2023/24.

The Giorgia Mileto Award finalists performed during the live evenings at the Boogie Club accompanied by two outstanding resident bands formed by Pietro Lussu, Andrea Sorrentino, Marco Valeri for the singing and Jazz instrument courses and Matteo Rossi, Roberto Sanguigni and Bernardino Ponzani for the Pop courses.

The jury, after listening to all the finalists of the Prize, decided on the winners of the a.y. 2023/24 scholarships:

  • Martha Deribe, Singing – 1st academic year Jazz Triennium
  • Lucrezia Blunda, Singing – 2nd academic year Pop Triennium
  • Federico Caruso, Guitar – 1st academic year Pop Biennium
  • Andrea Pellegrino, Drums – 1st academic year Pop Triennium
  • Alice Favaro, Singing – 1st Year Academic Triennium Songwriting
  • Angelo Camasso, Drums – 2nd academic year Pop Triennium
  • Marco Palmisano, Piano – 2nd academic year Jazz Triennium
  • Giulia Zedda, Singing – 1st Year Academic Triennium Songwriting
  • Anastasia Galdo, Singing – 2nd academic year Triennium Songwriting

The winners were chosen by the jury led by the director of the Saint Louis Stefano Mastruzzi and by lecturers Vittorio Solimene, Rosario Giuliani, Alice Ricciardi, Claudio Mastracci for the Jazz Department, Vincenzo Martorella, Daniele Chiantese, Fabio Balestrieri, Adriana Persico, and Elisabetta Antonini for the Pop Department, among the many nominations received for the third edition of the “Giorgia Mileto” Prize, which each year rewards the talents of young musicians, allowing the most deserving to attend academic courses at Saint Louis.

The date for the fourth edition of the “Giorgia Mileto” Award is June 2024.