Horizontal Listening by Luciano Vanni

One song in ten interpretations.

The ear training workshop “Horizontal Listening” by Luciano Vanni, editor and director of Jazzit, aims to analyze the interpretive development of a piece through ten different performances.

Protagonists of Horizontal Listening will be 10 songs, composed between the 1920s and the 1970s, which will be heard in 10 performances of extraordinary historical and artistic value – among different performers, authors, styles, language, geographies and epochs – capable of reshaping their meaning, significance and expressive horizon.

This means making people understand the value and authorial role of each performer and the transformative capacity of an arrangement, demonstrating how a piece can change meaning, narrative and identity, and how a performer can actualize, innovate and personalize a repertoire.

Weekly meetings, Fridays from 5 to 8 pm.
@ online at Zoom

As of February 26, 2021
30-hour module, 10 weekly 3-hour meetings
Education credits: 4 CFA for academic courses


Luciano Vanni is the founder and CEO of the publishing house Vanni Editore srl and founder of the national organization Civitates, active on issues of social innovation and development of Italian lcoal communities through culture, music and the arts.

On the editorial side, he is editor and publisher of the magazines JAZZIT (dedicated to jazz music), MUZ (dedicated to rock music) and Il Turismo Culturale (dedicated to travel) and as an author he has conceived and signed editorial and multimedia series on behalf of De Agostini spa (Jazz 33 giri: The great masterpieces of jazz on vinyl) and the Istituto della Enciclopedia Italiana G.Treccani (L’Italia in Piccolo).

Alongside his activity as an editor, author, essayist and writer, he is also active in the educational front (music business, writing music, organizing events and social innovation) and has held lectures and training courses on behalf of the Rome Business School, the European Academy in Florence, the Teatro Forma in Bari, the Federican Music Academy in Andria and the Conservatorio di Musica di Latina. In terms of event organization and production, between 1999 and 2019, he signed the Terni in Jazz (seven editions), the Grand Tour Jazz Fest (two editions), and the Jazzit Fest (eight editions).

On the social innovation front, he is a consultant for Cassa Depositi e Prestiti in the CDP Arts and Culture office, and on the scientific committee of UNICEF – Soundz For Children, and by virtue of the experience promoted in Umbria with Jazzit Fest, he deserved the European best practice entitled “Culture Shapes The Smart City” and the good practice #laculturachevince.

He is the creator and producer of A-CHANGE: the festival of good practices.