International Writers Camp

Selections are open to participate in the International Writers Camp 2018, an international contest organized by the Conservatory of Haarlem, Netherlands for:

  • 1 producer (who can record voices/instruments and can edit/mix)
  • 1 singer/songwriter (composer/songwriter of songs in the pop genre, in the broadest sense of the term)
  • 1 instrumentalist or singer
  • 1 electronic music composer

The International writers camp (IWC) is an annual event organized by the Conservatorium Haarlem to introduce Pop and E-music students to the real world of the music industry, helping them expand their horizons and skills, enabling them to work with creative minds from other music genres, other professions and other countries.

The IWC is fueled by real commercial assignments given by distinguished music industry representatives, including BMG/Talpa, Armanda Music & Strengholt Music. An incredible learning experience for all participants and a great way to enjoy an international experience, making new contacts in just a few days.

This year’s edition will take place from Monday, Nov. 5 to Friday, Nov. 9.

On the first day, students will be divided into groups consisting of a singer/instrumentalist, an electronic musician, a producer, and an instrumentalist and will be asked to choose the project they will work on during the next three days.

The IWC will conclude on Friday, November 9, with a presentation of the final results. All representatives of production companies and labels will be members of the jury and will evaluate whether the work submitted by the students can be used for a real music project.

The Conservatory is located in Haarlem, a historic city 15 km from Amsterdam, and specializes in pop and electronic music (dance music production, studio production, and audio for media).

The Conservatory will provide hotel accommodation for all participating students (basic accommodations). Travel and food are the responsibility of the participants.

Submission of songs via link to storage system (Dropbox or similar) or platform (soundcloud, youtube, etc.) is recommended. You can apply for several positions at once (e.g., singer and songwriter) by specifying this in your application email.

International Writers Camp