Italian Jazz CREA- Premiere

Saint Louis presents the world premiere screening on Sunday, March 27, of Italian Jazz CREA- Premiere screening of Italian Jazz C.R.E.A., a video-documentary that chronicles the adventure of six talented young Italian jazz composers who started from Saint Louis classrooms and landed to conduct large jazz orchestras with their own compositions and with special guest soloist Javier Girotto, on such prestigious stages as the Teatro Eliseo in Rome, the Auditorium Parco della Musica in Rome, the Conservatory of Navarre, Spain, and the renowned University of North Texas, U.S.A.

The screening will take place simultaneously at the Casa del Jazz venue in Rome and the YouTube channels of the institutions involved: the Saint Louis College of Music in Rome, the University of North Texas – Department of Jazz, and the Conservatorio superior de mùsica de Navarra.

The premiere of the documentary at the House of Jazz will be preceded by a meeting with the protagonists and a live performance by the Saint Louis D.O.C ensemble , special guest Javier Girotto.

March 27, 2022
Casa del Jazz
viale di Porta Ardeatina, 55 – Rome


Javier Girotto sax
Giuseppe Sacchi piano
Federico Bosio guitar
Claudio Faraci bass
Sergio Mazzini drums

Preview screening of Italian Jazz C.R.E.A.

The screening of the docu-film will take place simultaneously on the Youtube channel “Saintlouismov”

Italian Jazz C.R.E.A., the film

“Music is like life. You have to choose where you go. You’ll never know what would have happened by taking a different path, the important thing is that you enjoy the process of that choice: that it entertains you, satisfies you, and sometimes even tires you, annoys you, and angers you. But above all, that it moves you” (Inaki Askunze).

Italian Jazz Crea is the documentary that recounts the path taken by six talented young Italian composers, who set out from the classrooms of Saint Louis College of Music – as students of the Two-Year Postgraduate Course in Jazz Composition and Arrangement, coordinated by M° Antonio Solimene – on a year-long journey, which led them to perform and conduct their own compositions on important stages in Italy (Auditorium Parco della Musica, Teatro Eliseo), Europe (Conservatory of Navarre, Pamplona) and the United States, such as the famous University of North Texas, where Snarky Puppy was formed.

The story of this journey, which turned out to be an unprecedented intense formative experience, unfolds through the words and emotions, joys and difficulties of the protagonists, who had the opportunity to compare themselves with big names in jazz such as Javier Girotto, Paolo Fresu, Inaki Askunze, Richard De Rosa, and above all to take Italian jazz around the world.

Italian Jazz CREA Première – Première is the project supported by MiBact through which Saint Louis has promoted in Italy, Europe and the United States the original creations of six talented young Italian composers, performed in Italy by the Saint Louis Big Band and abroad by the resident Big Band of the Conservatory of Navarre, Spain and the “Three O’Clock” Big Band of the University of North Texas, USA.

Italian Jazz C.R.E.A.

A production of Saint Louis Study Center Association
with Javier Girotto, Paolo Fresu, Inaki Askunze, Richard De Rosa, Rodney Booth, Tanya Darby, Alan Bayclock
and for Saint Louis College of Music: Stefano Mastruzzi (director), Antonio Solimene (jazz composition and arrangement coordinator), Luigi Giannatempo (jazz composition and arrangement professor) and students Gabriele Ceccarelli, Filippo Minisola, Milena Nigro, Fabio Renzullo, Alessio Sacco, Riccardo Garcia Rubi

Produced by Saint Louis College of Music, Saint Louis Study Center Association, Stefano Mastruzzi
Filming by Davide Mattia
Editing by Mauro Ruvolo
Original music by Javier Girotto, Paolo Fresu, Gabriele Ceccarelli, Filippo Minisola
Arrangements by Gabriele Ceccarelli, Filippo Minisola, Milena Nigro, Fabio Renzullo, Alessio Sacco, Riccardo Garcia Rubi
Translations by Marzia Bagli, Juan Camilo Vasquez Montoya
Directed by Mauro Ruvolo