Jammin 2014 shows every year on the stage of the Park of Music the most interesting, innovative and transgressive musical proposals of the year. The eighth edition of the exhibition is produced by the Saint Louis College of Music in Rome.

Private institution of excellence in the Higher Artistic Music Education, the only in Italy authorized to issue academic diplomas of the first and second level and able even not to charge a penny on public expenditure.

The music of Jammin’ year 2014 moves from the artist to the viewer and returns there in a continuous flow of impalpable energies, as far away as the television showbiz that atrophizes the smell and anesthetizes critical abilities. Creativity is born out of anxiety as day comes out of dark night (A. Einstein) and the only anguish of a talent show is to change channel as soon as possible.

Freedom is not standing on a tree, as Gaber sang, nor even on a couch, freedom is participation, active and physical, in the cultural moment, the birth of an artist, in contact with what we do not yet touch, but of which we feel the presence anyway.

Jammin’ year 2014 does not propose the great names, but only great artists. For this reason, Jammin’ is not for everyone. Jammin’ is for the dreamers, for the gold-seekers of the border, for those who do not despair of being able to choose the paths of their life, for who knows that they do not know, for anyone who says no.

Art as a reflection and soul of our culture represents the constant reference unit of a civil society that has lost its course, but which can and must start from its young artists, the only ones able to revolutionize the system, discard its taxes and store everything in a space to suit man.

And when everything seems already said, already done, already heard, the brilliant intuition of an artist outside the lines that shocks, inspires and projects us all into a new temporal dimension, where everything is possible again, because evolution is an act of faith, continuous, inexorable, for millions of years.

Jammin’ year 2014 plunges into the metropolitan chaos in the desperate search for that singularity that will give birth to a dancing star. Concerts from the Auditorium and the Alexander Platz partner of our events.

Stefano Mastruzzi
Artistic Director


The Concerts

3 September


Vittorio Solimene – piano, Roberto Sanguigni – bass, Alessio Baldelli – drums

A jazz repertoire re-read and reinterpreted by young people to meet a young audience in respect of tradition.

Simone Colasante – piano, Vincenzo Totta – guitar, Marco Bruno – bass, Emanuele Shanti Colucci – drums

Jazz it up is a project that was born from the meeting of three students of the Saint Louis College of Music. The repertoire of the quartet uses original arrangements of modern jazz style, with the aid of sounds and effects proper to electrical music.

directed from M° Antonio Solimene
Gianluca Massetti – piano, Iacopo Schiavo guitar, Marco Bruno – bass, Moreno Maugliani – drums, Mauro Massei – high sax, Simone Pala – tenor sax, Riccardo Nebbiosi – baritone sax, Michele Fortunato – trombone, Antonio Padovano – tromba, Chiara Orlando – troma, Giuseppe Panico – truma, Daniele Martinelli – trombo, Alessia Tavian – voice, Milena Nigro – voix, Marta Marciano – voice, Thomas Gabriele – voice, Paolo Caiti – voice

Young, lightweight, dynamic and modular training, in style with the mission of promoting new talents. The repertoire is original and innovative thanks to the arrangements specially created by the students of the Saint Louis composition and arrangement course. A tribute to the music of Miles Davis for Choir and Combo will be presented.


4 September


Alessandro Orlando
Alessandro Orlando – piano and voice, Valentino Cervini – guitar, Emanuele Triglia – bass, Guglielmo Senatore – drums

Personality above the lines and with a vein of madness that of Alessandro Orlando, which is told through texts, places and suggestive images.

Too Human
Martina Cori – vocals, Corrado Filiputti – guitar, Daniel Mastrovito – keyboard, Antonio Coronato – bass, Dino Olivieri – Bass, Davide Savarese – drums

Too Human cement themselves in a kind of progressive metal of the new millennium in a performance warmly received by the audience, with the extraordinary voice of Martina Cori and an unprecedented dialogue between two electric bass players.

Star Avenue
Davide Sambrotta – piano/voice, Daniele Sambrota – drums, Alberto Cari – bass, Lorenzo Farotti – guitar

Formation Italo – American born in 2009, with an engaging music between vintage quotes and language innovations.

Diego Cignitti– guitar voice, Alessio Baldelli, drums, Giampaolo Angelucci – bass

Singer and guitarist who convinces from the first listening for the irony, poetry and perspective of his stories, simple and immediate, groove, rock, energy and a little bit of melancholy blues.
Giovanissimo has already participated in prestigious festivals, sharing the stage with artists such as Matt Schofield, Leon Hendrix, Randy Hansen, Marco Mendoza, Andrea Braido, Lello Panico, Ricky Portera.

5 September

Electro-acoustic Sounds

At Jammin 2014 there Rumours was born as an emerging electronic music collective, a concert performed by musicians of Sonic Arts, adventure teaching by master Luca Spagnoletti and the courses of Midi and Fonia of the Saint Louis College of Music in Rome. The event always points to the solidification of the fertile connivance between electronic music by author and visual arts, video projections in this case. But especially in this evening Rumours is dyed with acoustic, for new experiments and contaminations.

Andrea Saffirio – pianoforte, Armando Girolami – live electronics

The mainstream jazz meets the electronic sounds in this very new performance of two young talents from the Roman landscape.

EBF – Electronic BalFolk
Valerio Rodelli – organetto and live electronics

The organect’s warm and intense sounds are closely combined with modern and precise electronic sounds. A multi-form field of experimentation, suspended between ancient and modern. Melodies and harmonies in constant motion, romantic atmospheres, circus incursions, distorted sounds, heated rhythms.

Skin Effect
Daniele Vantaggio (aka Seismal D) – live electronics
Valerio Vantaggio – drums and percussion

A symbiosis between jazz drums and electronic music, a sound landscape where the rhythm is not only injected as a meter, but in the form of new sound objects that meet with the acoustic. The protagonists are two brothers Valerio – a young but already established jazz artist who boasts collaborations with international artists and participations in some of the most prestigious European Jazz Festivals – and Daniele vantaggio – producer and live performer, who at only nineteen years old gets a contract with a label from Berlin, tour Europe and America with his techno matrix music and conducts a national radio program.

Luca Spagnoletti – live electronics

PixFoil is the “Avatar” of Luca Spagnoletti in his various reincarnations of electronic music. PixFoil can manifest itself, depending on the occasion, in various formations or simply “on its own”, but retains its experimental, minimalist and glitch nature.