Jamming 2012 an authentic and nuanced instant on the most up-to-date and innovative music. An extemporary and curious look through jazz and the author’s song, tradition and experimentation, to the contemporary pulses of cutting-edge electronics.

New generations of artists on which are focused today the reflectors and the attention of the audience and critics, musicians and authors such as Laura Lala and Sade Mangiaracina multi-awarded Sicilian for their extraordinary album of songs “Pure Songs”, or the blatant melodic talent of the jazz guitarist Gianluca Figliola and your disc “It’s strictly forbidden”, Marinaria, twenty-year-old pianist Enrico Zanisi, first prize at the international piano contest Franco Russo and Chicco Bettinardi di Piacenza, with his project for the CamJazz “Life Variations”, the energetic Saint Louis Big Band directed by Antonio Solimene The visionary electronic music by Andrea Messina, all alongside internationally renowned musicians such as Flavio Boltro, Chiara Civello, Ivan Segreto, Pix Foil, Senking and with the four finalists of the international jazz contest European Jazz Contest selected from among the 74 bands admitted from all over Europe and the performance of the winner of the 2011 edition Benoit Berthe Back Quartet special guest Rosario Giuliani.

At a historic time when culture could become a vulnerable part of Italian politics, the Saint Louis and the Fondazione Musica per Roma have continued to co-produc Jamming for many years now, because a different future cannot be left without support for culture, new generations of talent and art.

The Saint Louis College of Music is an international institute of excellence active since 1976, run for 15 years by M. Stefano Mastruzzi, with 1,800 young musicians from all over Europe, 120 teachers, 2 record labels, a real craft laboratory where musicians, authors, artists, soloists and composers of today and tomorrow are born, grow up, practise and establish themselves.


The Concerts

3 September

Concert of the Saint Louis Big Band

The Saint Louis Big Band will perform with special guest Rosario Giuliani during the opening ceremony of the academic year at the Saint Louis College of Music in Rome, promising an unforgettable evening of jazz and high-quality music.

Gianluca Figliola

5 September

Gianluca Figliola quintet
Concert and preview of the 2012 CD ‘It’s Strictly Forbidden’ of the Saint Louis Jazz Collection with the special guest Flavio Boltro. A unique event to immerse yourself in the beauty of jazz and discover new sounds, promising a memorable evening of quality music and innovation.

Enrico Zanisi trio
Antemprima del CD “Life Variations” (Cam Jazz- 2012)

Come and experience the concert and preview of the CD ‘Life Variations’ by the trio of Enrico Zanisi, presented by Cam Jazz. A unique opportunity to immerse yourself in the magic of jazz music and discover the exciting life variations told through the notes of this exceptional recording work.

6 September

Ivan Segreto / Roberto Pistolesi duo

The concert of the duo Ivan Segreto and Roberto Pistolesi promises an extraordinary musical experience. With their skill and creativity, the two artists will offer the audience an exciting journey through their music. An event not to be missed for lovers of good music and for those who want to immerse themselves in an engaging and suggestive atmosphere.

Lala/Mangiaracina Quartet
“Pure Songs” special guest Ivan Segreto

Concert and presentation of the CD ‘Pure Songs’, with special guest Ivan Segreto. This unique event will immerse you in a world of purely exciting and engaging melodies. An opportunity to experience an unforgettable musical experience, enriched by the presence of one of the brightest talents in the contemporary musical landscape.

Lala - Mangiaracina

7 September

European Jazz Contest

Jamming 2012 the 4 finalists of the international jazz competition

Bash (Bern, Switzerland)
Piotr Pawlak Jazztet (Graz, Austria)
International Jazzpocalypse (Hamburg, Germany)
Andrea Garibaldi Trio (Lucca, Italia)
Benoit Berthe Back Quartet (Paris, France) Jazz contest winners 2011

8 September


In conclusion the Jamming 2012 presents ‘RUMOURS’, the revival of avant-garde electronic music with the eclectic artist Andrea Messina and the special guests Pix Foil and Senking. An unprecedented sound experience, where creativity merges with innovation, promising a charming and surprising evening for lovers of the most experimental and engaging electronic music

Andrea Messina
special guest Pix Foil e Senking