ListeNew Ensemble by Paolo Damiani

The art of improvisation, between feeling and doing.

An innovative ensemble conceived and directed by Paul Damiani supported by Saint Louis, with concerts in festivals, auditoriums and theaters.

ListeNew means new, different, more attentive listening to the other. Listening as a precondition of making music together, learning to follow others’ suggestions or counter them, to revive new insights or to keep quiet when needed.

Chironomic direction, improvisation, sound painting. The workshop led by Paolo Damiani involves the collective creation of events made up of both composed materials – by the lecturer and the members – and freer paths, invented and experienced together.

It is aimed at students, instrumentalists and singers interested in musical improvisation, not only jazz-oriented. And it is therefore open to everyone: knowing how to improvise is in fact not only useful in various professional contexts but is also decisive in the interpretation of music belonging to the heritage of classical and contemporary music.

Two levels of ensembles are provided:

  • LEVEL I_ Open to instrumentalists and singers who have never had improvisational experience. A fair knowledge of your instrument is sufficient to participate; it is not mandatory to be able to read music
  • LEVEL PRO_Development, is reserved for instrumentalists and singers who possess good instrumental and vocal technique. The goal of this workshop is to create a solid and close-knit group capable of regular concert activity.

Training credits for academic courses: 6 CFAs