Masterclass year 2000

In 2000, the Saint Louis Music Center hosted a series of extraordinary Masterclasses taught by national and international artists, students had the honor of learning directly from the best in their field, honing their skills and gaining valuable perspectives. These experiences shaped their artistic paths and helped define the future of music in St. Louis.


The exceptional talent of Carl Anderson, famous for his portrayal of Judas in the movie“Jesus Christ Superstar,” shined once again during a magnificent masterclass at the Saint Louis Music Center. With his powerful voice and magnetic presence, Anderson shared valuable lessons on the art of performance and musical interpretation. His infectious passion inspired the students in attendance, leaving an indelible imprint on their artistic education. The event further solidified Anderson’s reputation as a music and stage art icon, leaving a lasting impression in St. Louis.


Drummer Elliot Zigmund lit up St. Louis with an extraordinary masterclass. Renowned for his virtuosity and unparalleled creativity behind the drums, Zigmund shared secrets and techniques with the aspiring musicians in attendance. His mastery of the art of rhythm and musicality inspired and enchanted the students, while his overwhelming passion made the experience unforgettable. This meeting was a moment of growth and inspiration in the musical history of St. Louis, leaving an indelible imprint on the souls of those privileged to attend.


Bassist Marc Johnson shine presented an unforgettable masterclass. Celebrated worldwide for his virtuosity and musical sensitivity, Johnson has shared valuable lessons and insights with students hungry for knowledge. His mastery of shaping sound and telling stories through the strings has enchanted and inspired, leaving an indelible imprint on the hearts and minds of those privileged to participate. This experience has enriched the music scene in St. Louis, fueling a passion for art and excellence.


Enrico Pieranunzi, internationally renowned jazz virtuoso pianist and composer, lit up the Saint Louis Music Center with a memorable masterclass. In 2000, he shared his musical genius and deep knowledge with students hungry for inspiration. Through his smooth notes and nuanced harmonies, Pieranunzi conveyed not only the techniques of jazz, but also his passion and dedication to art. The meeting left an indelible imprint, fueling the fire of creativity and musical expression in the heart of St. Louis.