Masterclass year 2020

In 2001, the Saint Louis Music Center hosted a series of extraordinary Masterclasses taught by national and international artists, students had the honor of learning directly from the best in their field, honing their skills and gaining valuable perspectives. These experiences shaped their artistic paths and helped define the future of music in St. Louis.


Sivan Arbel is an Israeli vocalist, band leader, composer and arranger based in Brooklyn, NY. “Sivan” is distinguished by an infectious jazz-fusion style and a vibrant and powerful live performance.
Born with a profound passion for music and dance, “Sivan’s” style is a fresh mix that harmoniously blends her Israeli-Mediterranean-Middle Eastern roots with international rhythmic influences, a refined jazz auteur language with scat arrangements and improvisations, in English and Hebrew, all seasoned with groovy rhythms that accompany her dance movements on stage; each of his live performances propels audiences to dance and have fun, from the smallest clubs to festivals around the world, overcoming language barriers and cultural boundaries, thanks to an atmosphere that combines music, movement, dance, pleasure and fun.


Alice Ricciardi joins the Saint Louis faculty of the Jazz Singing Department and meets with students to present her course dedicated to developing interpretive and improvisational skills in jazz.
A creative work that starts from famous timeless compositions and leads to the discovery of one’s own original voice through an in-depth study of the indispensable repertoire of the great authors of African American Music and the Great American Song Book.
At a time of great revival of Jazz Singing internationally, the gamble is therefore in rediscovering the tradition of vocal jazz, putting it at the center of a current, dynamic and personal context. Not just notions, but a broad look at all aspects of performance and voice in jazz.


St. Louis hosts artist Venerus for a master class in collaboration with Serena Brancale‘s “Frittura Creativa.”
“Do not try to attach a label to it or give it a definition: as soon as you think you have it pegged, it will change shape and shock you again.”-Vanity Fair Italy
“Andrea Venerus’ path is the opposite of what normally happens to kids of her generation” – Rolling Stone Italy
“How often do we wonder why our pop sounds all the same and provincial? Venerus’ music may be a solution.” – Noisey
“From the orchestra to the styling to the lighting and music lineup, everything worked, everything was coherent and everything contributed to the magical atmosphere we breathed for two hours thanks to Venerus.” – I-D Italy


Saint Louis College of Music is pleased to host Ulysses Owens Jr, one of the most active and in-demand American drummers on the international scene.
Winner of Grammy Awards, formerly alongside Kurt Elling and Christian McBride, Wynton Marsalis, producer, arranger, leader of ensembles under his own name and lecturer at the prestigious Juilliard School in New York, Ulysses Owens Jr, in Italy for a number of concerts, considers teaching and sharing his human and professional experience an essential part of his artistic evolution.