Music Meetings

Saint Louis Club House, the new virtual music lounge, designed by Saint Louis to listen, see and taste music from the comfort of your couch at home in times of emergency Covid-19 presents “Music Encounters,” the month of May’s events led by music journalists and critics Ernesto Assante and Vincenzo Martorella with big names in Italian music to share together projects, perspectives and personal visions on the future of music.

Ernesto Assante’s guests on the “couch” at the Saint Louis Club House will be. Piero Pelu on May 16, Stefano Di Battista on May 23 and Paola Turci on May 30, while Vincenzo Martorella will guide listening to new record releases: on May 22 with the presentation of the latest work by Rosario Giuliani “Love in Translation” (Jando Music/via Veneto Jazz, 2020), talking with the great Italian saxophonist about the new album celebrating his 20-year artistic collaboration with Joe Locke, one of today’s most appreciated vibraphonists, while on June 5 he will meet Simone Maggio and Fabrizio Cucco to talk about their latest CDs “Cuerdas” and “For A Brief Moment” (Camilla Records, 2020).

Saint Louis Club House is a virtual space, where to meet at a safe distance, but united in listening, in an intimate and convivial atmosphere, with the possibility of the audience to attend and interact with the protagonists.
The appointment is at h 7 p.m., streaming live for free on the Zoom platform and on the Saint Louis College of Music Facebook page, to listen, to discover, to be suggested new musical paths.

“Music Meetings”
Saturday, May 16

Ernesto Assante meets Piero Pel├╣’
Friday, May 22

Vincenzo Martorella meets Rosario Giuliani
presentation of the CD “Love in Translation” (Jando Music/via Veneto Jazz, 2020)
Saturday, May 23

Ernesto Assante meets Stefano Di Battista
Saturday, May 30

Ernesto Assante meets Paola Turci
Friday, June 5

Vincenzo Martorella meets Simone Maggio and Fabrizio Cucco
presentation of the CDs “Cuerdas” and “For A Brief Moment” (Camilla Records, 2020)

To attend the events, it is recommended to register, free of charge, through Zoom by clicking on the link for each event.

The concerts will also be broadcast simultaneously via live Facebook video on the Saint Louis College of Music page:

Incontri di Musica