Napstamind win SIAE call for entries For Those Who Create

Saint Louis College of Music wins the SIAE Calls “FOR WHO CREATES 2023 NEW WORKS” and “FOR WHO CREATES 2023 INTERNATIONAL TOUR” for the production and tour promotion of the band Napstamind.

Napstamind, a band composed of talented Saint Louis students, triumphed in SIAE’s prestigious calls for entries “FOR WHO CREATES 2023 NEW WORKS” and “FOR WHO CREATES 2023 INTERNATIONAL TOUR.” This victory will enable them to pursue their next record project and embark on a 10-concert tour abroad thanks to funds obtained through the calls for proposals, with support from SIAE and the Ministry of Culture, and from Saint Louis itself, the promoter of the band’s participation in the projects.

The Napstamind trio, composed of Michele Cipollini, Lorenzo Colombo and Michelangelo Rupolo, has its origins in the classrooms of Saint Louis, where they cultivated their talents in the ensemble music workshop under the guidance of Alessandro Peana.

Thanks to the combination of a solid background in musical disciplines and simultaneous training on promotion and production, again by Saint Louis, the band quickly conquered the Roman music scene, performing successfully in numerous venues.

Artistically, Napstamind skillfully fuses the psychedelic sounds of the 1970s with the energy of modern rock. The band expresses its vision of the human condition through the voices of all members, who take turns during their performances. Their performance is characterized by a wide range of emotions and intensity, ranging from reflective and spatial moments to more punchy sounds and engaging rhythms.

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