Pop and Jazz Platform and PRIHME

Pop and Jazz Platform, PRIHME and VoCon, three major international meetings organized by the AEC, will be hosted by the Saint Louis, during the week of Feb. 13-19, 202.

The AEC – Association EuropĂ©enne des Conservatoires – chooses Rome and Saint Louis, the prestigious A.F.A.M. Institute of excellence in music education, for its annual appointment with the PJP – Pop & Jazz Platform – 2023.

After two years of online meetings, representatives of Europe’s leading conservatories are meeting in presence in the capital for a week of in-depth meetings on issues related to music education, this year devoted to the focus: “What does it mean to make it? Opening gateways to working life, international connections and artistry” (“What does it mean to make it? How to open gateways to working life, international connections and artistry”).

From Feb. 13 to 19, 2023, Saint Louis will host more than 150 faculty members from the most prestigious Institutes and Conservatories from all over Europe for an intense week full of meetings and cultural exchanges, including not only meetings and workshops, but also many live events and evening concerts of all styles and languages, under the banner of contamination and contemporaneity, ranging from singer-songwriter music to the most experimental electronic music, together with the best groups born within the historic Roman music school.

Coinciding with the unfolding of the Pop and Jazz Platform – 2023, Saint Louis on February 14 and 15 will also be the scene of the 4th PRIHME Assembly, the Stakeholder Assembly involving faculty, students and administrative staff from seven European Conservatories – including Saint Louis itself – committed to developing guidelines that can play the role of guidelines for all Conservatories, with the aim of pursuing greater inclusiveness within their institutions, seeking to bring attention to, raise awareness of and find solutions to some of the fundamental issues at the heart of today’s debate, in particular overcoming all kinds of discrimination due to gender and sexual orientation, social, economic or religious background, disability and learning disabilities, hierarchy and power relations.