Pro Tools Course

Pro Tools course, Saint Louis is an AVID-certified institution of higher arts education, therefore authorized to award the title of “Pro Tools User” to students attending the relevant courses.

For several years now, in both music production and audio-video post production, Pro Tools has been confirmed as the most widely used and popular system in the world.

Acquiring the “Pro Tools User” certification helps open the door to an industry that requires the ability to record, edit, mix and finalize a session skillfully and, most importantly, quickly.

To obtain certification, it is necessary to take the two courses Pro Tools 101 (basic course) and Pro Tools 110 (advanced course) and pass the two exams provided at the end of each course.

There are two options, therefore, for obtaining certification at Saint Louis:
Pro Tools, standard course – 16-hour PT 101 + 24-hour PT 110

Pro Tools, smart review – PT 101 and PT 110 for a total of 12 hours in total, reserved exclusively for graduate and undergraduate students in Saint Louis Sound Technician courses (as many topics covered in Pro Tools 101 and Pro Tools 110 courses are already covered as part of the curricular subjects of the three-year academic program).

Courses are taught by Avid-certified faculty members from the Saint Louis Department of Phonics and Electronic Music, Marzia Bulli and Fabrizio Angelini; exams are held directly onsite.
PRO TOOLS, standard course

  1. PT101 (16-hour module)
    The course introduces the fundamental concepts and principles of the system, from creating a working session to audio recording, handling MIDI and Virtual Instruments, editing tracks, mixing and exporting the finished track. Class of up to 7 students.
    Upon completion of the PT101 course, trainees must pass an exam to enter the next PT110 module.
  2. PT110 (24-hour module)
    The course expands and complements the concepts of the PT101 course and leads students to operate with full faculty on complex sessions through the use of advanced recording, editing and mixing tools. Lectures will cover topics such as advanced session setup, importing audio and video media, using features such as Loop Recording, MIDI Merge, Elastic Audio, Real-Time Properties, creating loops and applying signal processors, using automations, submix groups, and track groups. Class of up to 7 students.
    Upon completion of the PT110 course, students must pass an exam and thus obtain “Pro Tools User” certification.
    10 meetings concentrated in two weeks, 4-hour daily classes from July 2, 2018 to July 13, 2018.
    Classes will start once the minimum number of 7 students is reached.
    Course schedule every day above from 4:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. at the headquarters at 47 Baccina Street
  3. Outdoor Saint Louis fees: € 190 registration fee + € 550 participation fee.
    Participation fees Saint Louis students: € 550 participation fee.
    The fee includes: 40 hours of lectures, textbooks, two exam attempts for each module.
    PRO TOOLS “Smart review” (only for Saint Louis alumni graduating in sound technician and 2nd and 3rd year students of the Level I academic course in Sound Direction and Technology)
  4. Single 12-hour module, divided into 3 meetings of 4 hours each.
    Revisiting, deepening and refining skills and abilities in order to acquire the preparation required to pass the final test. Classes of up to 7 students each.
  5. At the end of the module, learners will have to pass two exams (PT101 and PT110) to obtain “Pro Tools User” certification.
  6. 3 meetings of 4 hours each. Next course: February 8, 9 and 10, 2018.
    Choice of morning or afternoon time slot:


– Class A, h9:00 to h13:00, teacher Fabrizio Angelini
– Class B, from h14:00 to h18:00, teacher Marzia Bulli

The fee includes: 12 hours of lectures, textbooks, two exam attempts.

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