Rhythm and pronunciation by Fabrizio Sferra

The workshop curated by Fabrizio Sferra will bring you face to face with some substantial elements of jazz language

through the analysis of the instrument that more than any other represents the musical “gesture.”

Physicality, the primary element of the gesture’musical even implicitly of any instrumentalist, is in fact experienced by the drummer totally explicitly as the basis of his technique (“the art of conducting movement between sounds”).

It can thus constitute a special magnifying glass on the ‘physicality’ of the issues inherent in rhythmic tensions and pronunciation, which we know to be fundamental as the basis for all melodic and harmonic development, especially in the context of improvisation.

Fortnightly meetings with Fabrizio Sferra, Wednesdays (shift A), from h 12:00 to 14:00.
As of December 9, 2020

20-hour module, 3 CFA for academic courses

Fabrizio Sferra