Saint Louis and DAF

Saint Louis has entered into a partnership with the Liceo Coreutico Musicale DAF (Dance Arts Faculty), one of the leading Training and Advanced Training Centers for classical and contemporary dance internationally, to implement PCTO (Percorsi di Competenze Trasversali e Orientamento), as a side-by-side to school training.

Starting in April 2022, an orientation and in-depth course dedicated to Hip Pop and E.D.M. music production for the completion of the skills of DAF’s young student dancers began.

The project is aimed at a deeper understanding of the world of music and the particular field of Electronic Music Production, which in the enhancement of rhythmic sensibility finds its meeting point with dance, complementing the artistic sensibility of the dancer.

St. Louis and DAF new dance and music tracks

The course includes an initial historical overview of the Hip Pop and e.d.m. genre, including through a preliminary analysis of some of the genre’s most representative tracks. In a second step, students will learn about and experiment with dedicated software, up to the point of visualizing on a grid the main subdivisions associated with the musical production of a Hip-Hop beat and an e.d.m. genre track, understood in the broadest sense of the term, i.e., properly “Electronic Dance Music.”

Saint Louis and DAF new dance and music paths, during the workshops, curated by Simone Cenci, a student of the two-year specialization course in Music Production and under the supervision of the lecturer of the Department of Electronic Music, Luca Proietti, students will learn how to record, synthesize, sample, use loops, through learning some basic features, arriving at composing a beat according to their genre of belonging, with particular attention to the stylistic refinements, synthesis techniques, arrangement and mix to be used.