Saint Louis at SHG Music Show in Milan

Saint Louis at SHG Music Show in Milan: live performances and workshops on our reserved stage. The calendar of live Saint Louis events on November 18 and 19 in Milan.

On Saturday, Nov. 18 and Sunday, Nov. 19, Saint Louis will be present at the SHG Music Show in Milan. Two days of full immersion between musical instruments and live music, with performances, workshops and events at the Palazzo delle Stelline (Corso Magenta, 61 – Milan).

In the Verdi Hall, on the stage exclusively reserved for our Institute, Saint Louis will host live performances and masterclasses by faculty members from our Rome and Milan offices: Lorenzo Feliciati, Marco Manusso, Gianni Rojatti, Daniele Chiantese, Frank Cara and Michelangelo Buccolini. Also not to be missed on the Live Stage, Saturday, Nov. 18 at h 3:30 p.m., is the performance of rock guitar teacher Gianni Rojatti and Sunday, Nov. 19 at h 3 p.m. electric bass teacher Federico Malaman.

The schedule of Saint Louis concerts and masterclasses at SHG Music Show

Saturday, November 18

12:00 Marco Manusso
12:45 p.m. Gianni Rojatti
14:15 Lorenzo Feliciati
15:00 Frank Cara
16:00 Marco Manusso
17:00 Frank Cara
18:00 Michelangelo Buccolini

Sunday, November 19

10:15 a.m. Michelangelo Buccolini
10:45 Frank Cara
11:30 a.m. Marco Manusso
12:45 p.m. Gianni Rojatti, Lorenzo Feliciati and Daniele Chiantese
14:15 Marco Manusso
15:00 Frank Cara
16:00 Lorenzo Feliciati
17:00 Frank Cara

We look forward to seeing you at the SHG Music Show (Verdi Room, second floor) to discover the wide range of educational offerings and the very latest innovations, such as the highly specialized Pop & Jazz courses at the new Saint Louis location in Milan!

SHG Music Show

Fair, Show and Market Exhibition, SHG Music Show is the benchmark event for musicians and industry professionals. Established in 1992 around the electric and acoustic guitar, the event has also opened up over time to other instruments and the world of recording.

From market novelties to vintage that made rock history. The exhibition occupies a total area of about 9,000 square meters and is complemented by a rich program of events, workshops and demos that take place throughout the event and bring top musicians to the Live Stage and private rooms.

SHG Music Show takes place Saturday, Nov. 18 (noon-7 p.m.) and Sunday, Nov. 19 (10 a.m.-6 p.m.) at Palazzo Delle Stelline, Corso Magenta 61 in Milan.