Saint Louis opens in Milan

Saint Louis opens a new decentralized branch in Milan, gradually opening all five departments active at the Rome location, the Department of Jazz, Popular Music, Electronic Music, Sound Technician and Composition & Applied Music.

The office is located in Piazzale Lugano (entrance from Viale Luigi Bodio 37), inside the Bodio Center’s La Stilo building, a creative HUB in which the SPD Scuola Politecnica di Design and the RUFA Rome University of Fine Arts also operate, thus creating a multifunctional hub dedicated to art professions.

Investigations for the accreditation of first-level academic courses have already been started. The faculty will be largely made up of lecturers who have already been active for more than twenty years in the Rome office and professional lecturers recruited in northern Italy from among the most renowned.

The new Milan location has a recording studio dedicated to teaching for sound technician courses and for the production of original projects by Jazz and Pop students, a room dedicated to electronic music and computer music production with independent workstations for each student, 5 multipurpose rooms for instrument study (bass, drums, guitar, double bass, piano, sax), singing, ensemble music and rhythm section, a lecture hall dedicated to master classes, events, presentations, seminars.

There is a reserved library area for students to delve deeper and organize in study groups.
For A.Y. 2023/24, highly specialized Jazz and Pop and customized courses in singing and instrument will be activated.
Beginning in FY 2024/25, pre-academic courses in all departments will be activated.
The new location is scheduled to open at the end of October 2023, and the above courses are scheduled to start in January 2024.

Saint Louis opens in Milan, don’t miss it!

Il Saint Louis apre a Milano