Song lyrics

Song lyrics with Annachiara Zincone and Tommaso Digiulio, new elective subject open to all Departments. The course will take place online on Tuesdays h 17:00 – 19:00 from Jan. 24 (4 CFA)

Students interested in participating can register through their student area, “electives” section. The course will take a practical look at and experiment with the language of Italian song and its evolution, focusing on its incredible richness and the kind of compromise one must make with melody to enhance its power and musicality.

Communication in musical lyrics as a form of art and poetry. The different types of lyrics: The lyrics of Musicals, movies, Evergreens, the lyrics of a hit and the link to current events and fashion.

The expressive content of the text and the different aspects: images, point of view, storytelling. Stylistic analysis. In-depth study of the history and evolution of the language of song by different Italian songwriters and composers. In-depth study of the technical elements of text: metrics, pauses, rhymes, free verse, slogan phrases and textual hooks.

Development of one’s own interpretation of reality and events to develop one’s own poetic/philosophical style. Technical writing exercises on existing melodies (e.g., in mock English), adaptations, lyric writing on unpublished/ own compositions.

The main objective of the course is to provide the student with a wide range of tools for approaching song lyric writing, and thus give their ideas a structured and effective form.

The course will provide notions that will serve to give greater awareness in writing, analytical, adaptive and creative skills.
The goal is for people to develop their own sensibility and style that can be appealing and always appropriate to the context.

The student will be able to be able to write a song either from a lyric, melodic idea or simultaneously, expanding his or her vocabulary and acquiring the skills necessary to write for third parties as well.