Sound technician and electronic music, new course

Registration is now open at Saint Louis for the pre-academic course with online attendance, upon completion of which you can enter the academic courses in Sound Technician and Electronic Music.

Only 24 places available for the Italian language course / 12 places available for the English language course

An intensive year, with classes conducted remotely and concentrated in two/three days a week, to acquire fundamental skills in acoustics, recording, live electronics and creative writing with music software.

There is no entrance examination. The course is open to everyone, and the distance learning formula is designed for students attending secondary school, workers, out-of-towners, and anyone who does not have the opportunity to take in-person classes in A.Y. 2023/24, but wants to acquire all the necessary skills to be able to access Level I academic courses.

At the end of the pre-academic year, in fact, passing the end-of-course examinations gives direct access to the three-year academic courses in electronic music and sound technician (Diploma I level aut. MUR, which are held in presence as required by national regulations).

During the pre-academic online course year, the exact same coursework is covered as in the regular attendance course: in-depth study of acoustic physics, elements of phonics and signal pathing, microphones and miking techniques, analog and digital recording, and use of outboards.

Approach to live electronics and electronic music composition, elements of harmony and creative writing with music software, study of piano as a working instrument.

All classes are conducted online, via Zoom platform, except for practical phonics exercises, for which attendance is required at Saint Louis locations in Rome.

For the Italian Language Course, there will be only two on-site meetings, the first in February (Feb. 12 to 16) and the second in June (June 24 to 28), close to the exam session.

For the English Language Course, on-site meetings are scheduled only in June (June 24 to 28), close to the exam session.

Limited number course, only 24 places available (Course in Italian) / 12 places available (Course in English).

Tecnico del suono e musica elettronica, nuovo corso