St. Louis at Colab in London

Saint Louis is participating in the Colab project again this year, convened by the Trinity Laban Conservatoire of Music and Dance in London!

Colab in London is a true festival of “creative learning,” where a thousand music and dance students interrupt their normal teaching activities to give space for their ideas and reflect that creative hybrid that so characterizes the 21st century artist’s craft.

In addition to the participation of students from different artistic disciplines, the multidisciplinary project will involve students from some of Europe’s most renowned conservatories.

In fact, in addition to Saint Louis, Colab will see students from CodArts in Rotterdam, Malmoe Academy of Music in Sweden, KUG Graz in Austria, and HKU University of the Arts in Utrecht in the Netherlands, as well as several students from Belgium and Hong Kong!
St. Louis students selected

Selected for St. Louis this year are Michele Ceccotti and Matteo Gravante. Also involved in the composition part will be Milena Granci, our piano student formerly at Trinity Laban for her Erasmus+ mobility.

Trinity Laban Conservatoire of Music and Dance

Located in London’s beautiful Greenwich district, Trinity Laban is the only Conservatory of Contemporary Music and Dance in the United Kingdom. Prominent among the hallmarks of this institute is its emphasis on collaboration among artists such as instrumentalists, singers, composers, dancers and choreographers. Trinity Laban is one of several European conservatories with which Saint Louis collaborates, particularly through the Italian Jazz on the Road project, Erasmus+ and CoLab.


In particular, our students will take part in the “Brexchange” project, a name that indicates a strong desire for cultural inclusion and sees the group as a tool for rebellion against cultural isolation. During the week of Feb. 11 to Feb. 16, the students will participate in Workshops, creative sessions, jam sessions, collaboration with dancers, musical and folk students, dinners, concerts, multidisciplinary projects culminating in a grand final concert on the evening of Feb. 16 at Trinity Laban.While waiting for the story of their experience, we wish our 3 boys the best of luck!