St. Louis wins the bid

St. Louis wins the bid – International Credit mobility

Erasmus The Saint Louis College of Music is among the winners of the KA 107 mobility call for exchanges between EU and non-EU countries. As always, Saint Louis’ primary mission is to expand its musical, cultural, and artistic boundaries. After successfully consolidating among the countries of the European Union, the new step: cooperation with a still unfamiliar world, jumping beyond the border drawn on political maps.

Starting point? As always the students of Saint Louis!

Saint Louis wins the bid because of its knowledge of Georgian and Kosovar students, Saint Louis decided to step outside its own walls to learn even more about the complex and fascinating realities from which these students came.

Starting in the summer of 2017, an exchange project with the Tbilisi State Conservatoire in Georgia and the Prishtina Faculty of Art in Kosovo will come to life and last for two years.
Exchange that will see mobile students, staff and faculty from all three institutions.


The partnership between St. Louis and the Tbilisi State Conservatoire has a dual function: on the one hand to make up for the lack of educational offerings in the Georgian academic music system; on the other hand to broaden the knowledge horizons of Saint Louis students and faculty through an encounter with the musical traditions of Georgia.

The project aims to realize moments of high artistic refinement in a multicultural context in which the specificities and identities of various cultural backgrounds find fertile ground for encounter, confrontation and enrichment, also with a view to the integrated production of project outputs (live performances, musical productions and publications).


As with Georgia, the partnership with Kosovo sees a twofold interest: the modernization of Kosovo’s university offerings through the establishment within the Faculty of Arts of theUniversity of Pristina of a music department dedicated to new languages and in particular jazz and pop music, genres now so popular and appreciated among the new Kosovar generations, and the meeting of Saint Louis teachings with Balkan music.

Of great interest from an educational point of view is also the possibility of experimenting with the use of some typical instruments of the Balkan musical tradition, such as the Cifteli and sharki – long-handled lutes derived from the Turkish saz – in the Saint Louis teaching programs and their interaction within the live artistic productions carried out by mixed groups, composed of Italian and Kosovar teachers and students.

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