The stylistic hybridization with Cristina Zavalloni

Stylistic hybridization the most fertile humus for the arts has always been encounters: the meeting of different peoples, different religions, and different cultures has given rise to the richest musical genres in history, including, of course, jazz.

But samba, tango, blues, rembetiko also arose from admixture, in these cases specifically from exiled peoples in contact with new realities.

From the twentieth century to the present, there have been many and very fruitful exchanges between the classical and jazz repertoire. Just think of Ravel’s Piano Ragtime or, on the other hand, Ellington ‘s classical suites such as The Nutcracker.

It is in that delicate middle ground that the musical activities of Cristina Zavalloni, which proposes a thematic path open to instrumentalists, singers and students of electronic music and sound technician, in which to work on the reinterpretation of material from classical extraction through the lens of improvisational language.

Stylistic hybridization students will be offered a shortlist of pieces, from which each can choose one, to study and arrange, either for the whole group or for small ensemble.

The teacher will follow the student through the entire process, starting with targeted listening to familiarize him or her with the repertoire to the creation of the songs in home recording, while the creation of the songs will aim to involve all the professional skills in the group.

The course includes fortnightly meetings, on Thursdays (shift B) from h 2:30 to h 4:00 p.m.
As of Thursday, November 19, 2020

21-hour module, 3 CFA for academic courses

Libridazione stilistica con Cristina Zavalloni