The virtual string instruments

The virtual arc instruments to physical SWAM-S models. Multiexpression virtual execution.

Virtual string instruments edited by Luigi Zaccheo. Course on programming virtual instruments to physical models SWAM-S of Audio Modeling.

SWAM instruments, unlike sample libraries, are comparable to real acoustic musical instruments. Their multivectorality allows for extremely expressive and realistic performances through careful MIDI programming.

Focusing on string instruments, the masterclass illustrates their operation and potential and includes hands-on programming exercises, starting with individual articulations and ending with complete ensemble performances.

Module of 15 hours, divided into 5 biweekly meetings of 3 hours each

Technical equipment needed:

  1. Computer with sound card and internet connection: on site or by student if remotely
  2. Cubase LE, available on-site (PRO version) or also 30-day demo license downloadable from if remotely
  3. Swam licenses: available onsite or temporary provided by St. Louis if remotely

Access to the course is dedicated exclusively to third-year academics (who have completed the course this year) of sound technician and electronic music, with priority given to those who need to complete course credits in preparation for graduation discussion.