Urban49 and Camilla Records, the new releases

Urban49 and Camilla Records, new releases from Saint Louis record labels: “Amedeo” by Silvia Olivier, “El Caos del Lugar” by Natalia Meyer and “Manifesto” by sils.

Urban 49 is the Saint Louis label dedicated to the production and promotion of the projects of the students of the historic Roman school; run by faculty and students, the label constitutes, a creative and productive hub dedicated to the promotion of creativity without compromise, without the search for consensus at all costs.

In addition to Urban49, Saint Louis has created Camilla Records, a label exclusively dedicated to special projects, and Sub-Urban, which is open to anyone who wishes to have specific promotional support.

Urban49 e Camilla Records le nuove uscite
El Caos Del Lugar

“El Caos Del Lugar” (Urban 49).

The new single from Uruguayan musician Natalia Meyer

“The melody and arrangement bring tenderness, sweetness, but also a lot of energy. The vocal interpretation is intimate, at times almost a whisper.”

Born in Uruguay but a citizen of the world, Natalia Meyer has lived between Montevideo, Rome, Sicily and Madrid, blending her traditions with the ‘new’ musics she has encountered during her travels.

She is part of the Flirtango orchestra with which she has performed in Europe and South America; Beirut and Hong Kong are next stops.

Natalia released her first album “Verdades provisorias” in 2020 and has presented her solo project in Uruguay, Rome (Auditorium Parco della Musica), Turin, Sicily and Madrid.

“Amedeo” (Camilla Records)

Song composed and performed by Silvia Olivier for ‘her’ teacher Amedeo Tommasi

“I owe it to him to have found the courage to come out of the closet with my music,” explains Silvia Olivier, a 2nd year student in the Academic Three-year Level I Program in Jazz Pianoforte. “This song is an affectionate thank you to him, and a dedication to those who bare their frailties and glories every day.”

Amedeo Tommasi was a mainstay of teaching at Saint Louis where he taught Jazz Harmony for over 20 years in classes that exceeded 150 students.

He was also one of Italy’s most in-demand pianists and has collaborated with Ennio Morricone, Pupi Avati and Giuseppe Tornatore, for whom he composed the music for “The Legend of the Pianist on the Ocean.”

It is his intro to Pino Daniele’s “Napul’รจ,” signed under the pseudonym Amedeo Forte.



The first single from the multi-instrumentalist sils

A track that blends liquid Drum & Bass, Nu Soul and an English 90s attitude. “MANIFESTO” is the track with which sils introduces himself to the pop-urban scenes.

Sils decided to make his electronic debut despite the fact that his story tells of a life as a busker among the tourist streets of Rome, an experience that formed his decisive and confident character that we find within “MANIFESTO”: “Tell me then what are we waiting for / waits, distances that then burn / I would like to give you everything I am / but in return I want everything you have.”

The track is produced by Fabio Balestrieri (George Benson, Tom Jones, Giorgia, Phil Gould of Level42), Alessandro Di Maso, Pierdomenico Niglio and Matteo Scarchilli (two-year electronic music students) and made for Urban 49 of Saint Louis in Rome.

“sils” is the project of Silvia Iannacci, a singer-songwriter born in ’96. She has always divided her time between different instruments such as drums, guitar, piano and voice. She began writing her first songs at the age of 15 exclusively in English and then approached Italian in the last two years. He began working on his new electronic pop project in the last year.