Vigamus Academy new partner Saint Louis

Together for the creation of content related to the world of Videogames.

Saint Louis and Vigamus Academy, Italy’s leading gaming training institution run by the VIGAMUS Foundation, have teamed up for a strategic collaboration on content creation in the world of digital entertainment.

The partnership between the two institutions involves a mutual exchange of know-how, skills and creativity in their areas of expertise, Music and Videogame, respectively. Thanks to this collaboration, Vigamus Academy will host in its annual Game Design & Development and 3D Art, Concept Art & Animation courses some students from the Saint Louis Department of Applied Music, who under the guidance of professors David LoganDavid Logan and Silvio Relandini, award-winning composers for film and video game works, will create original music and sound effects for an upcoming video game.

Always very attentive to the bridge between education and professional routing, Saint Louis devotes special efforts to nurturing young talents and guiding them, through original artistic production, into the world of work, promoting their activities with concerts at major international festivals and fostering collaborations with the most important Institutes of Artistic Education, especially in the fields of film, dance, graphic design and now also one of the most innovative and avant-garde production sectors, that of video games.

VIGAMUS Foundation is a leader in the video game industry in Italy, curating activities in the areas of training, outreach, development and events.

The Foundation, recognized by the Prefecture of Rome, with a positive opinion of the Ministry of Artistic and Cultural Heritage and Tourism, is active in Italy and on the international scene, being part of the EFGAMP network, European Federation of Games Archives, Museum and Preservation Projects, of which it is a founding member and promoter.

Its training institution Vigamus Academy has been collaborating since 2014 with Link Campus
University to offer in Italy the only Degree and Master’s Degree Courses dedicated to the gaming industry and recognized by MIUR.

The university course has enabled more than 300 students to become established professionals in the technology and video game industry, finding employment in Italy and abroad.

Vigamus Academy – Academy of Imaginary also offers private paths of higher education in the field of Videogaming, with annual courses in Game Design, Concept Art, 3D Art, Game Development and professionalizing courses revolving around communication, publishing and marketing.

Vigamus Academy nuovo partner Saint Louis