Wayne Shorter Reframed, new release

Wayne Shorter Reframed new record release by No Trio for Cats formed by Andrea Saffirio, Andrea Colella and Matteo Bultrini.

The EP released in July 2022 is entirely devoted to Wayne Shorter’s compositions, arranged and reimagined from a new perspective and in the style of No Trio for Cats. The single “Armageddon,” which anticipated the EP, was released on July 8. The single has an exclusive track, not on the EP, a sort of B-side: an electric version, with Fender Rhodes and electric bass, of the same song.

“Wayne Shorter’s pieces have always exerted a special fascination on me,” explains pianist Andrea Saffirio, “I have the impression that they are timeless compositions, as if on the one hand they draw on something ancestral and, on the other, are projected into an unknown future. The concept is captured in my opinion exceptionally well by the cover, created by Cuban artist Javier G. Borbolla.”

Wayne Shorter Reframed is released on the visionary “Extended Place” label, a reality imagined and realized by Alessandro Stella, an internationally renowned classical pianist with important classical names on the roster and some jazz greats such as Enrico Pieranunzi.

No Trio for Cats
The musical project No Trio for Cats was born in 2012 in Rome, a city where it has performed in major jazz clubs, such as Auditorium Parco della Musica, Gregory’s Jazz Club, Alexanderplatz and Music Inn.
The Trio has also been a guest at major clubs and festivals in Italy and Europe, such as Fara Music Festival, Milestone Jazz Club and Theater AINSI Maastricht.

No Trio For Cats has collaborated with Fabrizio Bosso, Paolo Fresu, Maurizio Giammarco, Rosario Giuliani and Gegè Telesforo, among others.
They are winners of the “2014 Jazz Live Award” (Fara Music Festival) and the audience award at the “2014 Chicco Bettinardi Award.”