We Love Jazz, Alice Ricciardi Lab

We Love Jazz, Jazz workshop for singers and instrumentalists by Alice Ricciardi. Starting March 27 at St. Louis

“We Love Jazz is the workshop for those who, like me, love jazz so much that they can’t get enough of it. And so here is a new opportunity to learn, experiment, deepen and share” (Alice Ricciardi),

Open to singers and instrumentalists, the workshop taught by Alice Ricciardi celebrates the great History of Jazz through interplay and the unique and distinctive gaze of the participants.

A creative work that starts from the founding principles of music and then goes on to discover one’s own original voice. There will be in-depth study of the indispensable repertoire of the great composers of African-American music(Duke Ellington, Thelonious Monk, Charles Mingus, Horace Silver and others), some memorable solos and the monumental Great American Song Book.

Not mere notions, but a broad view on all aspects of performance, with great emphasis on interpretation, interplay, improvisation, melodic and rhythmic imagination, and the sound world.

Quoting Betty Carter, “We are new all the time,” and this is especially true of jazz, a music that is constantly evolving and therefore timeless.

Fortnightly workshop, 2 hours, Saturdays, starting March 27 (classes on site).
Open to singers, pianists, bassists and drummers.