PCTO contest – Dove fare solo la mia musica

Saint Louis is announcing the DO#VE FA#RE SOL#O LA MI#A MU#SI#CA Call for Proposals, dedicated to students in grades IV and V of music high schools.

Saint Louis continues to promote the importance of the relationship between higher education and basic music education by expanding the content of the existing orientation pathways through the completeness of a production pathway that starts from the musical idea, translates and transcribes, performs and records, and finally performs.

The first edition of “DO#VE FA#RE SOL#O LA MI#A MU#SI#CA” includes two paths in:
Applied music for very young musicians who want to try their hand and rediscover themselves as composers of music applied to images;
Songwriting for very young musicians who want to cultivate their very personal passion for writing original songs

Participation is open only to Classes IV and V of high schools of music and private music institutes. Therefore, underage competitors are also eligible.

In particular:
the “Competition in Applied Music” is aimed at entire class groups;
the “Competition in Songwriting “is aimed at lyricists and composers in grades IV and V who can make a song together.

The same class can register for both paths.

For the Applied Music Contest, the videos to be soundtracked will be created by the students of the Cinematography course of RUFA, Rome University of Fine Arts, whose prestigious collaboration Saint Louis uses to organize the Contest.

Up for grabs for the winning classes of the two competitions is the professional recording of an unpublished piece, the making of the video (for applied music), the screening of the project at the Auditorium Parco della Musica during the “INK” composition and applied music concert and performance on the stage of “Jammin,” the Saint Louis festival for young emerging talents, as well as scholarships to attend short courses and master classes at Saint Louis.

Registration for “DO#VE FA#RE SOL#O LA MI#A MU#SI#CA” is free, see the Call for Entries for the full contest rules and fill out the form to register!

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