Playing Memories

Playing Memories is an artistic residency project for the creation and realization of multidisciplinary performances in an international dimension. Unique to Playing Memories will foster cross-cultural, artistic and human exchange, as well as the sharing of ideas, skills and inspiration among young artists from different corners of the world.

Eight different artistic residencies lasting 15 days each will be produced, each residency will host 15 performers including dancers, musicians, visual artists, photographers, set designers and other artistic figures, selected from all over Italy, for a total of 140 artists and performers.

During the two-week residency, the team thus composed, housed within one of the partner institutions, will carry out an intense creative journey to design, stage and bring to the stage their own original and unprecedented multi-disciplinary artistic performance. Each residency will therefore have its own leader/ideator, but the final performance will be the result of teamwork, constant interaction and confrontation in a process of collective creation.

All residencies and related performances will be filmed by a TV crew for the production of a TV docu-series – 2 seasons for 24 episodes in total – to be released on prestigious international streaming platform.

The Playing Memories project falls under NRP – MISSION 4 COMPONENT 1 – Investment 3.4 University Teaching and Advanced Skills” – CUP Code B93B24000010001 and will be implemented from May 2025 to March 2026.

The residencies, subject to changes that may be made after the publication of this Call for Artists, will be held at Saint Louis in Rome and Milan, Conservatory of L’Aquila, Accademia d’Arti e Mestieri dello Spettacolo Teatro alla Scala Foundation, Cuba School of the Arts, Academy of Performing Arts Prague, Staffordshire University, Uk, Kazakh National Academy of Arts, Kazakhstan .

Playing Memories is not a talent show, but an individual and collective experience that through the TV docuseries offers a privileged look at the world of artistic creation, at the innovative visions of the new generations that go over their cultural heritage (memories) filtering it through their own eyes and then staging it (playing) in their own way and taste, searching for an original synthesis declined on different artistic expressions, music, dance, visual art, sculpture, performing arts, painting, photography so that each can touch ever new chords in the viewer.


All project activities, from casting to residencies to performances, will be entirely followed step by step by a film production that will document the different stages of the art residency.

With the collected material, a docuseries will be produced in 2 seasons for 24 episodes in total to chronicle the entire making of the individual artistic performances: from casting to daily life during the 15-day residency, to backstage just before the performance and finally the performance itself.

The first season is scheduled for release in May-June 2025. The second season is scheduled for release in January-February 2026.

The docu-series, published on an international streaming platform, will be a powerful vehicle for spreading Italy’s cultural heritage and promoting the artists involved.

Not all artistic residencies will necessarily be published, at the sole discretion of the Saint Louis Artistic Director, as project leader and executive producer, after consultation with the project’s Artistic Committee.

Call for artist

CALL FOR ARTISTs will be posted to participate in the Playing Memories project as a featured artist. Participation in the project is entirely free of charge, and travel, board and lodging expenses will be fully covered for all participants.

Participating artists will be minimum 8, maximum 10
The first call for applications will be open from June 26 to July 2024



The first selection of artists to participate in the PLAYING MEMORIES project, aimed at the conception and realization of multidisciplinary artistic performances in various cities around the world.