The work of guitarists in the studio

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Book format | Contains AUDIO DVD

Immerse yourself in the engaging world of the studio work of guitarists with the book by Antonio Affrunti and Gianluca Siscaro.

This valuable resource is dedicated to those who want to explore the role of the guitarist in a recording context, offering insights into what to do when you are called to record your guitar in a music track in the studio.

The book presents five complete pop-style arrangements, analyzing in detail both the harmonic/melodic and rhythmic/stylistic aspects of each song.

  • It also deepens the instrumentation used for each guitar track, from the instrument to the amplifier, from effect pedals to the plug-ins that may be used.
  • This detailed approach provides a comprehensive guide to addressing the challenges and exploiting the opportunities that the registration context presents.

The audio included in the book will not only allow you to play the already recorded guitars, but will also give you the opportunity to experiment and record your performances on the backing tracks provided.

It is a unique opportunity to develop your recording skills and explore your musical creativity.

Prepare to enter the fascinating world of the recording studio with the skills and perspective provided by this book.

The work of studio guitarists, discover how to deal with the recording process with confidence and creativity, turning each studio session into a fulfilling musical experience.