saint louis study center cultural association

Non-profit for the popularization, support and promotion of modern music.
An association of musicians, faculty, students and alumni operates within Saint Louis that organizes numerous cultural and recreational activities with free participation, such as:

  • Two-year courses in Basic Theory and Solfeggio.
  • LabXchange, ensemble music workshop taught and directed by graduate or undergraduate students, supervised periodically by a Saint Louis teacher.
  • Free concert lessons with national and international musicians.
  • Free participation resident orchestras by audition only.
  • Gospel Choir, Jazz Choir, Pop Choir all with free participation.
  • Courses in History of Jazz, History of Rock, History and Listening to Classical Music, Electronic Music Listening Guide Courses.
  • Discounts and conventions, with stores, bars, clubs, auditorium.
  • Free rehearsal and study room for up to 2 hours per day, up to 6 hours per week.

Saint Louis College of Music Study Center

1 Membership as an ordinary member of the Saint Louis Study Center entitles one to participate free of charge in the many cultural, popular and artistic activities organized during the year as listed above.

2 The Saint Louis Study Center is a non-partisan and apolitical association and bases its membership structure on the principles of voluntarism without pursuing any profit motive with the aim of working for the best implementation of a program for the cultural growth of the members and the deepening of studies on modern music, jazz, electronic music and traditional Italian music.

3 The Saint Louis Study Center exclusively pursues purposes of social solidarity in the area of the protection, promotion and enhancement of cultural heritage as well as the promotion of culture and art, particularly in order to ensure economic, civic and cultural support for the best expression of Italian musical culture of jazz, popular, electronic, folk and contemporary styles, promoting their enhancement, recovery and restoration with public and private fundraising.

4 By way of illustration only and not exhaustively, initiatives aimed at

  • Supporting training moments in the practice and theory of modern music, such as jazz, popular, electronic, traditional and contemporary music; making use of the collaboration of experts and professionals;
  • recovering and preserving the uses of the Italian musical cultural tradition, producing performances of compositions, new printed editions and promoting exhibitions, concerts, conferences, seminars, debates, forums;
  • To preserve and pass on the forms of modern Italian and international contemporary music;
  • Promote awareness of this historical and cultural heritage in the city of Rome by offering the performance of concerts, events, festivals and reviews;
  • To encourage the study and popularization of the traditions referred to above among the inhabitants of Rome and Latium and the training of musicians through the provision of scholarships;
  • Supporting the cultural and social activities carried out by conservatories and equivalent institutions of higher education in music;
  • Promote and support publishing and publishing activities, both print and multimedia, in accordance with the purposes of the Saint Louis Study Center;
  • Promote practice and meeting among young musicians with rehearsal rooms for free use by member members;
  • Enhance, promote and restore assets of artistic and historical interest in the field of music, such as sheet music, records, tapes, recordings, musical compositions as well as any other musical works of cultural interest.