Scholarships, facilities and conventions

Saint Louis believes strongly in access to study for musical talents and offers various types of financial facilities.

  • Facilities (partial fee waivers) made available by Saint Louis*
  • Financing with Compass for all courses
  • “Giorgia Mileto” scholarship for Jazz and Pop classes.
  • Student collaboration grants for all departments
  • Agreement with University of Rome – La Sapienza
  • Grants financed by the regional authority for the right to study LAZIODISCO*.

If you fall within the required parameters, you can also take advantage of more than one type of facilitation at the same time, reducing to a large extent or even completely the cost of course registration and attendance fees.

* Facilities reserved exclusively for first- and second-level academic courses

Economical. support

Saint Louis benefits are partial tuition fee waivers ranging from 500 to 2,500 euros for each year of the course (for full-time attendance). They are intended only for those enrolled in first- and second-level academic courses.

Facilities for the first year of an academic course are awarded to those with an Isee of less than €22,000 and meet a merit criterion differentiated by level:

  • For students from Saint Louis pre-academic courses: the final exam average must be 7.50 or higher. A penalty of 0.50 on the average is considered for each year of debit matter;
  • For students who have not taken pre-academic courses, the average of the admission tests must be 26/30 or higher. A penalty of 1 point on the average is considered for each year of debit matter.

For the assignment or confirmation of partial fee waivers for the second academic year , the Isee criterion of less than €22,000 always applies, and the student must have earned by the September session at least 50 CFA with a weighted average of 26/30 or higher.

For the allocation or confirmation of partial fee waivers for the third academic year the criterion always applies Isee less than € 22,000 and the student must have achieved all the 60 CFAs related to the first academic year and at least 50 CFAs related to the second academic year by the September session with an overall weighted average of 26/30 or higher.

St. Louis concessions are not available for any off-course years.
Applications for Saint Louis scholarships can be submitted from July 2 to July 31 each year.

Please note: Partial fee waivers are compatible with LazioDisco scholarships; it is possible to earn both.

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Utilizzare il presente modulo esclusivamente per la richiesta di borsa di studio erogate dal Saint Louis.
Il presente modulo non ha validità per la richiesta di borsa di studio LAZIODISCO

Modulo richiesta borsa di studio

Il/la sottoscritto/a

Anno di corso accademico
Totali CFA conseguiti (solo per richieste di II e III anno):

Allegare file pdf documento ISEE (obbligatorio)

• Letta l’Informativa Privacy fornita dal Titolare LEGGI INFORMATIVA, acconsento allo svolgimento di Attività di Classificazione ed in particolare che siano analizzate le mie preferenze, interessi e scelte, ivi incluse la tipologia, la frequenza, al fine di elaborare statistiche, creare specifici profili di utenti e svolgere attività predittiva in relazione ai miei futuri bisogni.

• Letta l’Informativa Privacy fornita dal Titolare LEGGI INFORMATIVA, acconsento ad essere aggiornato su tutte le iniziative promozionali e di marketing anche diretto e quindi a ricevere i “Servizi di Marketing” tramite strumenti automatizzati (ad esempio, notifiche, e-mail, sms, mms) e/o modalità tradizionali di contatto (chiamate dirette).

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To finance your studies at Saint Louis, you can apply for financing through Compass Finance.

How to start the financing file
The application for a loan file should be submitted to Compass Finance, directly by the loan applicant in person (if different from the student, considering that income is required to access a loan), Through the staff of the Education Secretariat By the deadline indicated on the enrollment contract.

  • STEP 1: Before you begin filling out the form below, DOWNLOAD THE PRIVACY DOCUMENT., fill in and sign the parts marked in yellow and scan the document, which you must then attach to the form at the point where it is required; you will also be asked to attach a copy of the income document, ID and health card of the person whose name is on the loan;
  • STEP 2: Once you have filled out the form, you need to request a phone appointment to proceed with digital signing. The link to make the reservation will reach you at the e-mail address you entered in the form.
  • FINAL STEP: An operator will contact you by phone, and within a few minutes you will be able to proceed with the digital signature, for which you will need to have available the cell phone number you entered in the form, since a temporary code for signing the contract will arrive to it via text message.

Documents needed to fill out the form

  • Privacy protection document, duly completed and signed.
  • Identification document (ID card, passport or ministerial booklet; driver’s license can be used as an identification document only if it has the current residential address on it and is signed); provide front and back copies of the chosen document in 2 separate files.
  • Health insurance card or social security number – front and back copy in 2 separate files.
  • Income document, specifically: -for the employee, last paycheck -for the self-employed, tax return for the previous year with telematic submission (or commitment to telematic submission) -for the pensioner, pension coupon.

NB. Students awaiting the release of the ranking list for scholarship awards must wait to know the outcome before starting the application for funding. Contact the Education Secretary for more information about this.


The Giorgia Mileto Award allows talented young musicians in the areas of Jazz and Popular Music to attend the pre-academic and academic paths of the first and second St. Louis level with significant fee concessions-from 40 percent up to 100 percent of the annual fee for an annual value of each awardee of between 2,000 and 4,500 euros-by participating in the call for proposals that comes out annually.

Scholarships are awarded through auditions open to all instrument and singing courses of the Department of Jazz and Popular Music taking place with a live concert at a venue in Rome, during which the candidate is accompanied by a resident band of distinguished professional musicians.

To enter the auditions, after the release of the annual announcement, an audio and/or video recording of two pieces played as a group (duo, trio, quartet, etc.) must be submitted via the appropriate form. Based on the materials received, a pre-selection of students admitted to the audition will be made. The Call is open to musicians, singers and songwriters. You do not need to be already enrolled at Saint Louis to participate in the selections.


Each academic year, Saint Louis holds a competition for student collaboration scholarships, worth €1,095 each to be awarded to enrolled students who collaborate with Saint Louis for up to 150 hours per year.

Download the announcement for more information and submit your application by filling out the form.

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Borse di collaborazione/Collaboration grants
Sono interessato a/I'm interest inInserisci una preferenza non vincolante. E' possibile effettuare una selezione multipla

Letta l’Informativa Privacy fornita dal Titolare LEGGI INFORMATIVA, acconsento allo svolgimento di Attività di Classificazione ed in particolare che siano analizzate le mie preferenze, interessi e scelte, ivi incluse la tipologia, la frequenza, al fine di elaborare statistiche, creare specifici profili di utenti e svolgere attività predittiva in relazione ai miei futuri bisogni.
Having read the Privacy Policy provided by the Data Controller, I consent to the performance of Classification Activities and in particular to the analysis of my preferences, interests and choices, including type, frequency, for the purpose of compiling statistics, creating specific user profiles and carrying out predictive activities in relation to my future needs.

Informativa sulla privacy/Privacy policy


La Sapienza University of Rome has activated an agreement with Saint Louis that reserves the following favorable conditions for La Sapienza students and employees:

  • 15% discount on the annual membership fee (excluding the period from May to July inclusive, during which membership is already discounted);
  • 5% discount on the annual course fee.

The agreement is valid for everyone who has ever enrolled at Saint Louis College of Music in the past five years.
In order to take advantage of the facility, it is necessary to show at the secretary’s office the appropriate documentation to prove membership in La Sapienza (badge, valid La Sapienza University card or receipts for payment of university tuition fees).


LAZIODISCO scholarships, the Lazio Region’s right-to-study agency, provide grants ranging from 1,900 euros up to 5,000 euros for each year of the course, as well as a range of additional services.

For information on the scholarships provided, please refer to the Entity’s dedicated website.