Service charter and conventions

The student at the center of St. Louis.

Saint Louis is committed to supporting the education of its students in every area by offering them the opportunity to participate in numerous activities related to the world of music. It is distinguished in this from any other Italian music institute by the variety and quantity of complementary activities offered each year.


The student services charter is a prospectus aimed at a simplified global visualization of all the services offered by Saint Louis, beyond the educational activity.

    Services are divided according to the student’s formative moment:

  • incoming services, essentially orientational and designed for the newly enrolled student;
  • in-progress, for students in the midst of the journey, from concerts to special projects such as Big Band, to the many master classes and in-depth seminars;
  • outgoing, i.e., high school and college graduates who are followed by a production agency that provides them with their first job placement opportunities.

Plus national and international partnerships, Festivals, record productions, Competitions and much more.


Saint Louis College of Music has activated an agreement with the University of Rome – La Sapienza reserving the following favorable conditions for students and employees of the University:

  • 15% discount on the annual membership fee (excluding the period from May to July inclusive, during which membership is already discounted);
  • 5% discount on the annual course fee.

The agreement is valid for everyone who has ever enrolled at Saint Louis College of Music in the past five years. In order to take advantage of the facility, it is necessary to show at the secretary’s office the appropriate documentation to prove membership in Sapienza (badge, valid Sapienza University card or receipts for payment of university tuition fees).