Teen Music Academy

Do you attend middle school or high school?

If your dream is to make a living from music, the Teen Music Academy is designed for you.

What are you going to do?

You will study music, choosing your own personalized path to become a musician, singer, sound engineer or composer, without interfering with your school schedule.


At Saint Louis n Rome location, and for some courses online as well!
Soon, even at a Saint Louis-affiliated and certified school in your region.

What will you get?

Admission to the Level I academic course by the end of high school, without an entrance exam . The road to your music career, starting earlier, will thus be shorter.

What type of course should I choose.

Course aimed at admission to first-level academic courses, varying in length from one to three years depending on entry level.

Three-year music training pathway accessible after Foundation courses or through Admission Examination.

Innovative two-year courses exclusive to Saint Louis, for further musical education through customized curricula based on each resident’s artistic inclinations, aimed at original record productions and concert seasons alongside renowned artists.

Highly specialized intensive courses to deepen technique, improvisation and interplay, playing alongside established, internationally renowned musicians.

Short courses from 3 to 6 months on specific subjects from creative use of the loop station to courses on copyright and music marketing.

Courses and workshops suitable for both intermediate and advanced musicians seeking specialization and stylistic refinement, as well as beginners who simply want to start studying an instrument or adult passionate musicians who need to balance music with their professional commitments.

Course aimed at admission to entry-level academic courses dedicated to middle or high school students, varying in length from one to five years depending on entry level.

The study plan will be individualized, with distributed scheduling of the subjects covered by the pre-academic course so as to be compatible with school commitments.

Attendance will be individualized from a minimum of 2 subjects up to a maximum of 4 for each year, which can be attended in-person, online or in a mixed mode of the student’s choice, until the skills required for admission to the three-year academic program are recognized.

At the conclusion of the educational course, in case of special talent the student may also start the academy while still in high school. Italian law allows students to enter first-level academic courses even before they have graduated from high school.