Sivan Arbel
la masterclass


h 19:00 – 21:00
Saint Louis
Via Baccina, 47

Sivan Arbel Masterclass intitolata “The connection between the individual and the band as you present your own sound and story”, aperte a tutti, anche agli esterni, su questi tre argomenti:

  • “Feeling the odd meter” (h11:00-13:00)(1/3 CFA)
  • “Improvise with what you have, using different dynamics and telling your story” (h18:00-19:00)(1/3 CFA)
  • “Fusion – Introducing and explaining the different styles and music generes. I will demonstrate how we can use it to make our own style” (h 19:00-20:00) (1/3 CFA)

Quote di partecipazione per 1 classe con Sivan Arbel:
€ 25 allievi; 35 per esterni

Crediti formativi per i corsi accademici: 1/3 CFA