Living in Rome and Milan

Choosing to live in Rome or Milan during your studies at Saint Louis offers many opportunities for personal, cultural and professional growth and enrichment, allowing one to take part in the many musical and artistic events of a major city and participating firsthand in live gigs and concerts in renowned clubs and venues, many of them organized by Saint Louis itself to give visibility to its students.

Finding a room or a house in a big city like Rome or Milan, however, may prove to be a not-too-easy task… Since Saint Louis does not have housing reserved for its students, it has developed two partnerships with Agencies dedicated to finding housing for off-campus students. These are reliable and effective services, both of which work through dedicated Web sites.

STURENT student housing is a service provided by Immuni Ltd. agency, which searches and selects in the private real estate market for appropriate housing solutions for all Saint Louis students who need to rent a house or a room. The carefully selected proposed accommodations are available for rent with transparent terms and a regular lease.
To see all available accommodations, click on the following LINK

One can choose accommodations by visiting the dedicated StuRent website. All listings contain pictures and videos of the rooms, economic conditions, information about the other inhabitants of the house, area connections and transportation, etc. Students can also benefit from the mentoring services made available by StuRent in choosing houses, setting up the rental agreement, and as support throughout the rental period.

Sturent services are free for Saint Louis students and are offered in both Italian and English. Choose the house you like, visit it and sign the contract!

We recommend that you start looking for accommodation before moving to Rome, booking a meeting with the StuRent agency to visit your chosen home as early as the first day in the city.


Uniplaces is the largest online platform helping teens around the world find accommodation in Europe-with more than 7 million nights already booked in over 30 European cities. Uniplaces provides Saint Louis students with a Promotional Code to get a 25% discount on their Agency Fee. The code can be obtained by requesting it from the student secretary’s office once course registration has been completed.

The process, which is entirely online, allows students to rent a shared-room, a room or an entire apartment safely: thanks to quality photos and detailed descriptions, Uniplaces ensures that all the necessary information is present so that you can make wise choices and decisions without having to move weeks in advance.
Uniplaces creates the ideal rental experience for everyone; in fact, it is poised to become the number one platform for medium- and long-term stays worldwide.


Beginning in A.Y. 2022/23 Uniplaces launches the new project Uniresidencies, making available private or shared rooms in verified and certified residences with common spaces and sharing options. Also for Uniresidencies, Saint Louis provides Saint Louis students with a Promotional Code to get a 25% discount on their Agency Fee. The code can be obtained by requesting it from the International Office once course registration has been completed.


Spotahome is Europe’s leading booking platform dedicated to medium-long term rentals (30 nights and up) offering a comprehensive range of apartments, rooms, studios and residences for students, teachers and young professionals. They operate throughout Europe, and in Italy they have a presence in 12 destinations, including, of course, Rome and Milan.


Where to look for a house in Rome

Looking for housing, it is important to first evaluate the subway and bus connections to Saint Louis.

Saint Louis is very well connected with subway lines and is very central. The nearest metro station is on the B line and is called “Cavour.” It is also quite easy to reach us by trains and buses arriving at the central station “Termini,” just one metro stop away from “Cavour” (or just a 15-minute walk for those who prefer to walk).

Many students enrolled at various universities in Rome choose “Piazza Bologna” as their neighborhood, as it is cute, young and close to the “Bologna” metro B station, only 4 stops from the “Cavour” metro. But just about any area of Rome connected by the B subway can be a good choice.

There are also many housing options connected with the A line of the subway such as: Numidio Quadrato, Lucio Sestio, Giulio Agricola, Re di Roma. These are all popular areas among students, since you can find housing opportunities with low rental costs. The same goes for more fashionable neighborhoods like San Lorenzo and Pigneto (metro C), but beware of the connections to these two areas!

Where to look for a house in Milan

When looking for accommodation in Milan, it is crucial to take into account its excellent public transportation network, which includes surface transportation and the subway. Due to the relatively small size of the city, even areas farther away from the school complex can be taken into consideration.

Saint Louis is located at Piazzale Lugano 19, with a facilitated entrance from 37 Viale Bodio. It is well connected by both rail and subway lines and surface transportation, offering several options for prospective students. The closest neighborhoods are Bovisa, Dergano, Derganino, and Farini.

Saint Louis is served by the M3 subway line at Maciachini station, providing connectivity to all areas served by that line: students can consider stops such as Maciachini, Dergano, Affori Centro, Affori Nord and Comasina, as well as other stops on the same line such as Zara, Sondrio or Centrale FS.

It is also easily accessible via trolleybuses 90 and 91, which travel the city’s outer circular route in both directions. Finally, it is also accessible via tram, line 2. When searching for a residence in Milan, it is advisable to carefully evaluate these connections. In general, it is recommended to concentrate in the northwest area of the city for maximum convenience.