DSA and Counseling

A place of support and listening for students and teachers.

Service for students with disabilities and with DSA

Saint Louis provides a service for students with disabilities and those with DSA in order to foster learning and assessment modes that are as flexible as possible to ensure full learning in terms of knowledge and skills.

The services and activities under the purview of the DSA service meet the requirements of Law 170/2010, the guidelines for the right to study of students with specific learning disorders of the Ministry Miur, the CNUDD guidelines.

In particular:

  • Law No.170 of 2010
  • Law Guide July 12, 2011
  • State-Regions Agreement July 24, 2012
  • CNUDD – Guidelines

With this in mind, we promote the adoption of specific compensatory and dispensatory measures for students with DSA. These measures support teaching and facilitate examination tests, in tune with one’s educational goals and characteristics. Those are didactic activities, that can help students to be independent in their studies and in the use of the compensatory tools.

We prepare all necessary actions to ensure: reception, administrative counseling, specific mentoring for educational activities, incoming and outgoing guidance, mediation with teachers, individual educational counseling meetings, guidance and facilitation.

A meeting can be scheduled with the Disability/DSA Service to better plan for entry into pre-academic and academic courses, verify certification, and obtain necessary information on procedures, pre-enrollment timelines, and the tools and supports available to you.

In order to have access to services and support measures for the right to study, it is necessary to produce appropriate valid documentation. The student must present the certification of DSA according to the regulations in force at the regional level; in the case of Lazio, it is possible to present only certifications issued by NHS facilities. The release date must not exceed 3 years, at the time of enrollment. St. Louis considers, however, diagnoses issued as of Jan. 1, 2018, to be valid for A.Y. 2021-2022. In contrast, certification issued after the age of 18 is valid regardless of the date reported (as stated by the Miur in the guidelines for DSA). If the Saint Louis Disability/DSA Service does not consider the diagnosis valid, it may invite the student to request an updated one. In case of suspected presence of DSA, self-reported by the student or reported by a teacher, the Service may proceed similarly.

To make an appointment, an email should be sent to Roberta.


Students and teachers can book support meetings with specialized staff.

Individual meetings
Every Monday (by appointment) for students and faculty at Saint Louis locations.
Relational counseling builds together with the relationship setting itself, the place and time in which it is possible to engage in listening to difficulties related to learning, performance, relationships, problem areas and moments of crisis, which can interfere with the fluidity and quality of professionalizing training.
From a wellness-promoting perspective, the counselor facilitates the emergence of resources, potentials and solutions that already exist in the person and need to be seen and integrated.

Monthly, or fortnightly, group meetings for students only.
The group amplifies the individual process, supporting trust, psychological safety and freedom of expression.
The group process expands the knowledge of soft and relational skills, tools for managing conflict and inner discomfort, turning exclusively to understanding and freeing the space from the evaluative and judgmental quality to which we are normally accustomed.

To book counseling, write an email to Claudia.