Thesis and Final assessment

The final examination of academic diploma courses consists of the discussion and evaluation of a written dissertation, on a topic relevant to one’s course of study.

For first-level courses in Jazz, Popular Music and Electronic Music, the thesis discussion must be supported by a live performance lasting approximately 20 minutes.
For Composition courses, the thesis discussion must be supported by a compositional or analytical project.
For Sound Technician and Jazz Composition and Arranging courses, the thesis discussion must be supported by a practical listening-demonstration to which the candidate provides with his or her own equipment (computer, synth and other suitable instrumentation he or she deems necessary).
It is possible, if the thesis requires it, to discuss and perform the demonstration in the recording studio or in a St. Louis music computer room.

Video tutorial

Timing and procedure

Following is the procedure for applying for a Diploma Thesis for first-level academic courses in Jazz, Popular Music, Composition, Sound Technician, Electronic Music, and second-level academic courses in Jazz, with information needed for application, writing, presentation and discussion.

  • The thesis should consist of an original written paper written by the student himself/herself on a topic related to his/her course of study, in agreement with his/her Advisor.
  • The approximate length of the paper can be between 50 and 150 pages.
  • The required format is standard, and available in the Reference Thesis Template, with accompanying instructions. The fonrito Template is indicative: the student may agree with his or her Speaker on changes to the proposed Template as well as to the layout and mode of printing (front-only or back-only).
  • Before proceeding with the Thesis application, the student must identify his or her RELATOR, a faculty member from within Saint Louis, who will serve as a reference for the student when writing the paper and who will present it to the committee during the final discussion. The Speaker may be one’s own instrumental or vocal faculty (for Jazz and Popular Music courses) or the Coordinator of one’s department or any other faculty expert in the chosen field of inquiry.
  • Once the chosen Speaker has been identified, the student must notify the lecturer of his or her choice. The faculty member may or may not accept, based on the number of theses already accepted for the given year. Management or the Academic Council reserves the right to verify the congruity of the Thesis with the chosen Thesis Advisor.
  • In the case of a Thesis afferent to more than one area of study (e.g., Jazz and Electronic Music), the student may request a CORRELATOR from the Education Department. The figure of the Correlator is always optional, to be considered NOT mandatory for any Department.
  • Only a student who has already earned and recorded a number of academic credits equal to or greater than 60 CFA for Level I courses, equal to or greater than 30 CFA for Level II courses, may apply for the title and thesis topic. The application can be made at any time of the year, as early as the end of the 1st academic year and in any case at least 6 months before the scheduled discussion date, by filling out the Thesis Assignment request through their private area in the section Examination Reservation, Thesis Management and FINAL PROOF.
  • Starting from the day he or she has taken the last exam, having also achieved all the elective CFAs stipulated in his or her study plan, the student will be able to apply for Admission to the final exam for one of the subsequent sessions. Exceptions to this are students continuing their studies in the two-year second level or a first level master’s degree program who are allowed to take exams in the thesis session upon authorization from the DirectorateThe application for admission to the final exam should always be filled out through the student area by clicking on the green button. Go to the application for admission to the final examination, which will be activated only once the faculty member has accepted the thesis request.
  • The strict deadlines for completing the Thesis Assignment and Final Examination Admission applications are as follows.
    Application for thesis assignment:
    – Summer session (July): deadline Jan. 15
    – Fall session (September/October/November): deadline March 15
    – Spring session (February/March/April): deadline August 15

: – Summer session (July): deadline April 15
– Fall session (September/October/November): deadline June 15
– Spring session (February/March/April): deadline November 15

  • Each academic year includes 3 sessions for thesis discussion. In order:
    – Summer (July)
    – Winter (February/March/April)
    – Fall (September/October)At the end of the 3 sessions mentioned above, the student will be considered Out of Course, and must pay the balance of the registration fee for the New Academic Year and the Laziodisu Regional Right to Study Fee.
    Once the request for Admission to the Final Academic Diploma Examination has been submitted, the Education Secretary will notify the Student of the date and time for the Final Discussion. This date may be subject to change, which will be communicated to the student in a timely manner so that an alternative date can be arranged.

To be admitted to the Final Academic Diploma Examination, the Student must meet the following requirements:

  • Have earned all the CFAs (Academic Training Credits) stipulated in their Study Plan, including elective credits.
  • Have passed the last exam in the session prior to the start of the chosen Final Examination session
  • Be in good standing with the payment of school fees and the right to study (LAZIODISU) for the relevant academic year

The paper must be delivered as follows:

    pdf sent by e-mail ( to at least one month before the discussion date. Any online system can be used for submission.
    1 copy optional for Saint Louis archives.
  • The discussion of the Thesis will take place on the premises of Saint Louis or other agreed upon location, in the presence of a Commission of not less than five members, chaired by the Director General or his delegate and composed of the professor(s) who supervised the preparation of the Thesis and at least one faculty member of reference in the discipline of address. The committees are established by appointment of the Director, ensuring maximum cross-representation to the different educational areas. Outside experts may also be called to serve on the committee.
  • The discussion will be concurrent with the PRACTICAL PERFORMANCE related to the topic of the Thesis itself. In this regard, the Student should agree in good time with the Education Secretary on the necessary technical equipment.
  • The total duration of the Final Examination will be approximately 30 minutes per candidate (to be divided by the candidate, and on the advice of the Speaker, into discussion and practical performance, where applicable).
  • The Diploma grade will be expressed as 110/110 and will be communicated to the Student at the very end of the Discussion session, with delivery of a provisional certificate (without legal value).
  • Official scrolls will be delivered at a later date following their preparation by MIUR. To apply for the Diploma scroll, students must pay €90.84 Government Tax to the Internal Revenue Service. The Administrative Manager of Academic Courses, Alessandra Collatina (, is available to send more information regarding related payment methods.
  • The Thesis and related Performance may be evaluated with a maximum of 7 points, which will be added to the Weighted Average Entrance to the Final Examination. The outcome of the evaluation may also be negative, subtracting points from the weighted average of entry to the Final Examination. – Download the xls file so that you can calculate the Weighted Average Entrance to the Final Examination yourself.
  • In computing the Entrance Average for the Final Examination via xls file provided, grades of 30 and Honors should be entered with a value corresponding to 33.

Opting out of the requested session can always be done through the student area by clicking on the appropriate Opt Out button. Deadlines for waiver of final examination: Summer Session – Waiver by May 31 Fall Session – Waiver by July 31 Winter/Spring Session – Waiver by December 31.

To make your thesis you can follow the downloadable template format downloadable template.

We would like to remind you that, as a first-level graduate student, you can as of now register for the two-year Level II specialization courses whose classes will begin in October, even if you have not yet earned your first-level degree. In such cases, you are conditionally admitted with the obligation to earn your bachelor’s degree by the winter session (February-April), thus optimizing time and reducing years of study. Those who still have some subjects to be taken may contact the Directorate to check the feasibility of a possible conditional admission to the two-year course, concentrating, where possible, the missing subjects in the first quarter of the following year.


No, for organizational reasons it is not possible to choose the period nor the day of one’s discussion. The dates of the discussions are chosen by the secretariat, which takes into account many variables to be met.

No, for organizational reasons it is not possible to move the day of one’s discussion for personal reasons.

Certainly: if you filled out the form Thesis assignment application, you will not have to do anything until the deadline for filling out the form Application for admission to the final examination. In a nutshell, if in filling out the form Thesis Assignment Question you selected e.g. spring session but decided to move your discussion to the summer session all you have to do is select that session when filling out the Application for admission to the final examination by meeting the deadline for it.

Yes. Should you wish to change the title of the thesis you can do so by writing the new title to Silvia up to two weeks before the discussion.

Yes, you will be able to change it until the application for admission to the final examination is completed. To notify the change of speaker you should write to Silvia.

If you cannot make the waiver through your student area you can write to Silvia who will arrange it for you.

If you missed the deadline by a few days, try filling out the Thesis Assignment application anyway and write to Silvia to notify her of your delay. Should seats become vacant, the secretariat will meet you and try to fit you into the requested session.

A few days after the deadline for that application, the secretary’s office will send a questionnaire to all those who filled out the thesis assignment application in the previous six months with the application: Do you want to graduate in the next session? Be sure to fill it out so you can be entered even if you missed the deadline.

It is not possible to take one or more exams nor one or more elective credits in the same session as the thesis. To take the discussion in a given session, you must have completed your academic coursework in the session preceding the one you have chosen

If you plan to finish all your exams in the summer session (July) you should write to Silvia on the day of the application deadline to notify her and after finishing the last exam in the summer session. The secretary’s office will then be able to unblock the forwarding of your request after the exams are completed.

When uploading your documents always be careful to include a future expiration date. If you can’t even do it this way, you can send them directly to Silvia.

If you do not see the button MANAGING THESES AND FINAL TEST in the booking exams section of your personal area, it means that you are not enrolled in the current academic year. Make the registration payment or write to Chiara to find out how to regularize your administrative position