Getting to know St. Louis

Saint Louis is ready to welcome you and adapt to your needs.

You can choose different ways to learn about our educational offerings: from a one-on-one interview to attending Open Days, to an Orientation meeting at your school or organizing PCTO.


The Open Day is a key event to learn about Saint Louis, discover the pre-academic and academic I and II courses, participate in workshops and live events, tour the venues and meet the faculty.
Follow our channels to stay informed about upcoming Open Day dates in February, April and September, book here!


Plena Education, the Group to which Saint Louis belongs, is organizing a week dedicated to 4th grade high school students who wish to orient themselves in the world of academic education in the fields of film, fashion, communication, design and music.

The Plena Experience program, which will be held June 17-22 at the Milan Campus – Bodio Center, is an orientation course that allows students to test themselves on different creative disciplines with an experiential, hands-on, and engaging approach. Students will be guided in their experimentation by experienced teachers and professionals in the creative fields, through theoretical lectures and practical/laboratory activities, aimed at the realization of a project that can increase each student’s awareness of the intended program of study.

What are you waiting for, start your career path in creativity!

Choose the course you want to take, whether in fashion, music, design, film or communications. Are you undecided? You can choose a mix of 3 subjects to follow.

Learn about the program and sign up for Plena Experience! Don’t wait, seats are limited to ensure you get the full experience.


You can book an individual interview year-round. Our orientation staff, faculty and students are always ready to welcome you by appointment. Learn about our courses and figure out which one is right for you. Write to us by filling out the form and one of our orientators will call you back to schedule an appointment.


Pathways for the Acquisition of Transversal Skills and Orientation (PCTO), which characterize the educational offerings of secondary schools, fit perfectly with Saint Louis’ intention to promote artistic-musical education. Outlining themselves as pathways to accompany schooling and guidance, the proposed pathways aim to provide an in-depth understanding of the functions and roles of the main professional figures in the music industry, and as a goal the student’s informed choice of post-diploma vocational training.