Batà afrocubania con Giovanni Imparato

Highly Specialized Courses

Development of rhythm awareness, through an intuitive and direct approach, supported by modular structures, related to the prolonged use of musical syncopation and emìole.

A “vertical” approach to develop one’s personal rhythmic-pulsatory skills. Batà Afrocubanìa è una pratica sul proprio “groove” individuale, consigliata a tutti i musicisti e cantanti.

Course program

The traditional tripartitioning of the Batá drums, putting one drum in constant reference with the other two, will induce the student to a “verticalization” of his or her pulsating-rhythmic cognition. The greater emotional commitment required will calm the intellect, which does not have to “understand” before playing, thus coming to an inexorable and progressive sensory and musical maturation, relegating analysis and verification to a later time.

Unknowingly, modern Western music exclusively uses the “horizontal” dimension of rhythm, but the “groove” is achieved not only through kinetic or coordinative exercises on the 4 limbs, but through a Awareness of one’s own musicality and having to continually check our relationship with others helps in the process of “centering” ourselves.

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