Il Tastierista del terzo millennio

Highly Specialized Courses

A famous and eccentric singer, a fine arranger, a visionary producer, an up-and-coming band. Here are your next clients, or if you prefer, your next traveling companions. They’ll ask you to be daring and not overdo it at the same time, to be creative but respect the writing, or more mundanely they’ll ask you to ‘play it a little less bluesy,’ ‘don’t put too many notes,’ or ‘do something like xxx.’ And you must be ready!

  • PLAY THE SOUND: Every sound produced by a specific instrument has music in it, learn how to find it!
  • PRODUCE YOUR OWN SCORE: Your score has a unique place in the arrangement, find out where it is!
  • FIND YOUR UNIQUE STYLE: Make your playing unique by drawing inspiration from the great Pop/Rock keyboardists and shape your own style!

Programma e struttura


  • Basic harmony in POPULAR MUSIC and ROCK, or the triads, major, minor and diminished, construction of chords and their revolts
  • Major and minor scales and the pentatonic scale
  • Construction of four-voice chords and first simple chord progressions
  • Use of the left hand, accompaniment techniques
  • Roots and influences in POPULAR MUSIC and ROCK, namely GOSPEL, BLUES, BAROQUE music
  • Harmonic progressions in ROCK, POP, BLUES/SOUL
  • Reading and writing a score of POP/ROCK music


  • Techniques for integrating the melodic line into the piano/keyboard score
  • Study of the stylistic currents (POP, ROCK’nROLL, COUNTRY, BLUES, SOUL, PROGRESSIVE, JAZZ/ROCK) and its protagonists, bands and soloists
  • The role of the piano in POP/ROCK
  • The role of the HAMMOND organ in POP/ROCK
  • The role of the FENDER/RHODES electric piano and the WURLITZER
  • The Role of CLAVINET
  • The role of synthesizers (MOOG, PROPHET, OBERHEIM, ARP, KORG etc,)
  • The role of samplers, the computer, and the sequencer
  • Program and produce your own sound


  • ROCK accompaniment techniques, study of the languages of the great keyboardists and pianists of ROCK: – Keith EMERSON- Tony BANKS – John LORD – Rick WAKEMAN
  • BLUES accompaniment techniques, study of the languages of the great BLUES keyboardists and pianists – Fats DOMINO – Memphis SLIM – Dr. JOHN
  • SOUL accompaniment techniques, study of the languages of the great SOUL keyboardists and pianists – Ray CHARLES – Stevie WONDER – Nina SIMONE
  • POP accompaniment techniques,study of the languages ofig randi POP keyboardists and pianists
  • Joni MITCHELL – Elton JOHN – Freddie MERCURY
  • Improvisation techniques, solo construction and study of the languages of great keyboardists and pianists

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