Studio guitar
with David Aru

Highly Specialized Courses

The course by Davide Aru aims to stimulate the guitarist’s creativity, in a context of realistic simulation of studio work, with the goal of making him or her autonomous in the production of the sound of their own guitars, and more.

They will work on edited pieces from the most current repertoire of Italian, Spanish and South American artists, together with the teacher, who will play the role of producer. The course aims to stimulate the musician to interact with the piece, trying to play with a more total and less “self-centered view of one’s instrument,” never leaving out the role of instrumentalist.

Program and course structure

Fortnightly full-day meetings (5/6 hours)

Work in the recording studio has changed in recent years, and now the musician is often required to be self-sufficient because most of the time they record alone in the home studio. Therefore, it is important to stimulate the guitarist’s perception in understanding for himself what is needed on the song he is recording, so that when he is in the presence of a producer he will be trained in being purposeful, creative and centered.

How to play on the click, how to dub an acoustic guitar, why to do it and when, how to superimpose multiple parts of both electric and acoustic guitars, are some of the topics covered during the course, along with basics of editing on Protools, knowledge of which is now essential for the musician.

Acoustic and classical guitar will be used, with plectrum and finger technique, and whenever possible the child will play on his or her own personal instruments.

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