The Art of Trio – feliciati, rivagli, mantovanelli

Highly Specialized Courses

Led by teachers Lorenzo Feliciati, Elio Rivagli and Luca Mantovanelli, the students will specialize in performing songs, both originals and covers, as a rock trio: guitar, bass and drums.

You will have the opportunity to perfect your performance to the fullest by playing with the teachers themselves and with other students. At the end of the meetings, they will take the repertoire to the recording studio for mixing the pieces performed during the course.

Program and course structure

Fortnightly full-day meetings (5/6 hours).

Each meeting will feature the study, preparation and performance of a piece prepared by teachers Lorenzo Feliciati, Luca Mantovanelli and Elio Rivagli.

During the first part, each teacher will introduce the students to the piece that will be examined during the day, explaining and demonstrating the main features, both stylistic and in the specifics related to the instrument.

Afterwards, the teachers will play the piece to highlight some key passages and then pass the baton to the students who will start from time to time to play with the two teachers needed to complete the trio: the drummers will play with Mantovanelli and Feliciati, the bassists will play with Mantovanelli and Rivagli, and the guitarists with Feliciati and Rivagli. The last part of the meeting will see the students perform the piece by forming trios with each other. The use of sequences, prepared by teachers, will be provided if necessary.

Songs, both originals and covers, will be chosen by the teachers, who will prepare written parts to support the performance and finalize them with the students during the first part of the meeting.

At the close of the course you will go into the studio to record at least one song each, both with teachers and with other students.

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