Guthrie Govan

“For me, technique is the ability to recreate the sound and music in my head. And that’s it. I’m personally not interested in measuring my technique like an Olympic event! Of course I’m happy if someone has fun and focuses on speed on the guitar because that’s a good thing, as is cultivating any other hobby…but as far as I’m concerned, I’m more interested in Music…”

(Guthrie Govan)

Guthrie Govan, an English guitarist, is best known for his work with the bands Asia, The Aristocrats, GPS and The Fellowship. He recorded his debut solo album, Erotic Cakes, in 2006.

Gifted with excellent technique, sophisticated and full of good taste, perfect fusion of jazz, progressive rock and blues. He is part of the new wave of shredders and is taken as a benchmark by schools, academies and music colleges. He has collaborated with the British magazine Guitar Techniques and is a winner of the “Guitarist of the Year” award established by Guitarist Magazine.