Luca Stricagnoli

He began his career at only 10 years old, studying classical guitar and attending the Conservatory. Still very young, he distinguished himself so much that he won 1st prize in the “Città di Lissone” competition, and as soon as he finally discovered the “Fingerstyle” guitar style, he immediately began spending countless hours on YouTube, studying and learning new techniques simply by watching videos.

Thanks to his passion for his inseparable acoustic guitar, he won additional competitions, including the “VII Fiuggi International Guitar Festival” with a rating of 100/100, the “Festival of Talents,” and even an ‘opportunity to open the concert of the legendary Italian group “New Trolls.” Shortly thereafter, Luca met luthier Davide Serracini, with whom he began a close collaboration to develop the new guitars that helped him achieve his well-deserved success.

In the years that followed, Luke began to create his own unique style that includes, precisely, the use of multiple guitars simultaneously, violin bows, modified capoing, and decidedly unusual tunings.
The big breakthrough in his career came when his arrangement in the song “The Last Of The Mohicans” was selected by the influential American label Candyrat Records, from there it quickly reached millions of views and streamings.

Following this success, Luke was invited to create his debut album where an amazing version of “Thunderstruck” stands out, which went viral after only two weeks with over 14 million views.
This fact further increased his notoriety, so much so that he received invitations from all over the world to perform in the best theaters and auditoriums, festivals and other fascinating “venues” of great prestige.

After an ‘intense concert activity lasting a few years, Luca set to work to give birth to his second album “What If?”, which includes many of his innovative ideas, including the creation of the “Reversed Triple Neck Guitar.” This fabulous instrument, can be considered the first “inverted neck” in the history of the guitar, and it too immediately went viral, a real “booster” to Luca’s career that inevitably produced other prestigious invitations to perform on stage along with Nobel Prize winners and Multinational Directors, as well as having the gratification in the use of his music in several TV shows well known to the general public.

Luke subsequently created his own channel on YouTube and quickly gained hundreds of thousands of subscribers, winning several awards including the “Creator Award” while intensifying a pleasant collaboration with his wife, the well-known German singer-songwriter Meg Pfeiffer. Together they have won the “European Songwriting Awards,” 10 awards at the “German Rock & Pop Awards” and dozens of international competitions, as well as embarked on concert activity performing together on stage, also enjoying considerable success with music critics.

On his fourth album, “Change of Rules,” Luke developed other ideas to improve his guitars, such as the “Guitar Ring” and the “Reversed Slide Neck,” an innovative removable guitar neck that has received incredible success and also the welcome praise of “New Atlas,” one of the most well-known and widely followed science and technology publications in the world.

Throughout his career he has had the opportunity to share the stage with finalists and Grammy Award winners such as Jim “Kimo” West, Linda Briceño, Debashish Bhattacharya and many other immensely talented artists. Luca recently founded his own music label and is a regular group leader of “International Guitar Night.”

Luca Stricagnoli the masterclass

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Saint Louis

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