Richard De Rosa

Masterclass of 12/7/2008

Richard De Rosa, host of Saint Louis, for an entire week from July 10 to 15.

Composer, arranger, conductor and teacher. Richard De Rosa, a Grammy Award nominee, is currently director of Jazz Composition and Arrangement at North Texas University and is the artistic director of American Jazz Venues (AJV). From 2012 to 2016 he conducted and arranged for the prestigious WDR Big Band in Cologne, Germany.

During his prolific career, his compositions and arrangements have embraced a wide variety of writing styles and have been heard on stages around the world, in television and film, on Broadway, in videos, audiobooks, and numerous albums. “Neil,” his original work for Big Band, earned a 2016 Grammy nomination for “Best Instrumental Composition” and is included in Lab 2015, recorded by the One O’Clock Lab Band.

The composer, arranger and conductor extraordinaire will meet with Saint Louis students, participating in lectures, orchestra rehearsals, master classes and conducting the Saint Louis Big Band.

In particular, Richard De Rosa:

  • will follow as conductor rehearsals with the Saint Louis Big Band, as part of the Master’s Level 1 course;
  • will hold two Master Classes on Improvisation and Composition open to the public;
  • Will conduct the Saint Louis Big Band in Concert;

Master’s degree (aut. Miur)

Richard De Rosa will conduct as many as 24 hours of orchestral rehearsals by the Saint Louis Big Band, an ensemble formed within the Master’s degree program in Big Band, July 10-15

The Saint Louis Big Band concert conducted by Richard De Rosa, will be held Saturday, July 15, h 9 p.m. at Monk Circolo Arci, free admission.

Master Class

  1. Group Improvisation – Wednesday, July 12, 2017 – h 10:00 a.m.-12:00 p.m. venue via cimarra, 19/b Jazz becomes more effective and enjoyable for the listener when the individual members of a group work together to create a homogeneous and expressive performance. This requires self-discipline and a passionate desire to offer personal ideas that best support the musical intention. Students will learn how to listen not only to themselves but, more importantly, to the entire group. Together they should shape the group’s performance into a meaningful musical expression that is engaging and dramatic.
  2. Groups of at least two, students (intermediate and advanced level) will perform a musical selection for the entire class. Richard De Rosa will give advice to musicians to help them improve and create the best possible performance. His strategies will help students (both those on stage and auditors) achieve a more pronounced ability to present their music in an engaging way. Maestro De Rosa will also ask the listeners to participate in the process through reactions to what the musicians will play.
  3. The goal is to learn how to communicate more effectively. The performer must have a clear intention and knows he or she has achieved the goal when the audience understands and reacts emotionally to that intention.
  4. The effective and meaningful composition – Thursday, July 13, 2017, h 10:00 a.m. – 12:00 p.m. venue via baccina, 47
  5. There are two general methods that can be used to create a piece of music. The first method is “absolute” and uses the specifics of musical language such as pitch, harmony, rhythm, orchestration and so on. The second is “programmatic” and has to do instead with the human emotion that is present in every piece of music.
  6. The class will work interactively with Richard De Rosa in order to create a composition that uses both of these methods simultaneously to produce a sincere and meaningful expression of original music.

Single Master Class admission: € 20 Saint Louis students | € 30 outside
Admission to both Master Classes by Richard De Rosa: €30 Saint Louis students | €45 outside

Education credits: 1/2 CFA (Saint Louis students only)