Sarah McGuinnes

Sara McGuinness specializes in hands-on field research, performance and sound engineering, with a focus on Congolese and Cuban music.

She has been a professional musician in the British salsa scene for more than 20 years and has been an integral part of the British Congolese music community since 2005, soon becoming the keyboardist of choice in the Congolese music scene.

This has placed her in a unique position to join Latin and Congolese musicians in forming a band for her research project on the dynamics of interaction between the two types of music.

Sara teaches Performance and Recording at the London College of Music and at the School of African and Oriental Studies, and regularly travels to the Sahara Desert in southwest Algeria to teach elements of sound engineering in the refugee camps of the Western Sahara.

He has also taught at the National Conservatory in Bamako, Mali, conducted a Cuban Big Band there and in Britain, and holds continuous Workshops in Cuba.

Sarah McGuinnes the masterclass

h 10:00 – 12:30
Saint Louis

Via del Boschetto, 47